Chris Hemsworth Says Kristen Has “a Great Work Ethic”

There’s a definite chemistry in the film between you and Kristen, but did she really punch you in the face?

Yeah (laughs), she did. It was supposedly an accident, but the jury’s still out on that one. It was far too accurate and powerful for me to be 100 percent convinced. But, no, we had a lot of fun. We come from similar worlds; she’d obviously come from Twilight and it sort of overshadows a lot of what she’s done. And I’d come from the Marvel world, with a big, dedicated fan base. So both of those you’re fighting to sort of try and prove hey, look, I can act too, I’m not just part of this world – that I’m thankful for being part of – but you’re trying to showcase something or show that you’re supposed to be there. And she has a great work ethic, she has a really passionate idea about the story and characters, and you want to be around that on set.

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Chris Mentions Kristen in Inquirer Entertaiment Interview

*Major Spoiler Alert*

In the movie, Chris gets to plant a kiss on Kristen Stewart, who is Snow White to his Huntsman. “She’s fantastic,” he said of the “Twilight” actress. “She had a really strong opinion of where she wanted to take the character and who the character was. She was very enthusiastic. She set the tone and led the charge. It was great. We had a lot of fun.”

He said the big success of the “Twilight” movies had not affected Kristen at all. “Kristen was introduced on such a big scale and in a franchise setting,” he commented. “Often, that overshadows everything else. She worked incredibly hard to show that acting is what she loves. With this film, she’s able to showcase that. The first thing I noticed was how headstrong and focused she was about what she wanted to achieve. There was no wavering in her commitment.



Chris Hemsworth Talks About SWATH & Working With Kristen

Not necessarily, but Chris Hemsworth, 28, said Kristen Stewart, 22, has an open invitation to hang with the badass boys of Marvel’s The Avengers.
“Hell ya,” Chris told Celebuzz at The Avengers junket when we asked if Snow White is really as badass as we are all expecting. But would she hold her own with the superheros?
“I think so,” smiled Hemsworth. “Why not? We need some more girls.”
In all seriousness, Chris was very genuine when praising SWATH and Stewart. “She’s very talented. It was great working with her,” he said adding Kristen’s “awesome” as the fearless heroin.
Snow White and the Huntsman hits theaters June 1, but you can catch Chris up first in The Avengers, which is out May 4.

Chris Hemsworth Says Kristen Teased Him About Being A Sex Symbol

Chris Hemsworth says Kristen Stewart kept teasing him about being a sex symbol on the set of their new movie.
The Australian hunk has set hearts racing with his good looks and has appeared on the list of Glamour magazine’s sexiest men. Chris feels uncomfortable with attention on his appearance and has revealed that Kristen couldn’t stop mocking him while they were shooting Snow White and the Huntsmen.
“Far from encouraging, Kristen reminded me that I was like, 47th on the list. Her and the little people playing the dwarves were all laughing about it,” he told the May issue of UK magazine Glamour.

Chris Hemsworth Talks About Kristen and SWATH in SciFi Now Magazine


Part of interview:

How was working with Kristen Stewart?
She was great. She had a very strong opinion of where she wants to take this character and a real sense of justice. She needed to start off innocent and naive, but get to the point where she’s a hardened warrior and will no longer bow down to the pressure of the Evil Queen. We spend a lot of time through the film with scenes and working out how to drive the story forward. Is this moving forward or digression? If it is, we have to work it out and keep tracking it, which you always do, but she certainly didn’t just roll on in and throw it to the side. She was right there among it.

Does this lend itself to a sequel?
I think it does. It’s such a beautiful origin  story. If they come up with a script as good as the first one, I’m sure we’re all on board. It’s tricky though, because they raised the bar so much with this one.