‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Press Conference Transcript & Video

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Rob/Kristen Mentions from first Press Conference:

Kellan, you fought with Kristen in Part 2. What was that like?

Kellan: I was looking forward to it after reading about it in the book. It was fun seeing Bella go from human to vampire. I’m looking forward to seeing it in the movie.

Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Stephenie Meyer, and Mackenzie

Q: Is this the movie where Edward and Jacob finally become friends?

Rob: i sacrifice my daughter for him. That’s love. This one is a love story and that’s why.
Taylor: It is a little bit different. The relationship between the three of us. It’s been a complicated triangle and now it’s.. a square.
Kristen: It’s a perfect circle. A family.

Q: Is this a bittersweet ending? How’s it been for all you?

Kristen: It’s funny. If you told me we had to do reshoots tomorrow I’d start giggling from happiness. I’d LOVE to go back.

Question: How’d you change through this whole experience?

Kristen: I think you start a project to finish it. It’s a really charged experience. It’s almost too much, and that’s how it feels good. I feel very challenged. If Stephenie wrote another book I’d love to read it immediately.


Comic-Con & Robsten Through the Years

Today was my day to highlight all of those adorkable moments from Comic-Con 2011 that captured our hearts and made us love (and believe) in Robsten even more. Instead of simply highlighting those moments from last year, I’ve decided to make y’all a little light-hearted video that is more of a collage of adorkable clips from previous years.

I’d like to dedicate this video to a fellow Twilighter, Gisela, a fan who lost her life yesterday (July 10, 2012) while crossing a street near the San Diego Convention Center. Her death has hit the Twilight community hard and in honor of her beautiful life, I dedicate this to her. Here is our post that contains information on how you can contribute to Gisela’s Memorial Fund.