NYC Cosmopolis Premiere Pocket Guide


  • NYC Cosmopolis Premiere Master Post – TONS of HQs, fanpics, and video!
  • More HQs of Rob at NYC Premiere
  • Video Interview Master Post from Cosmopolis Premiere (red carpet) – numerous media outlets interviews
  • @londonstew‘s Fan Account & Cosmopolis Premiere Coverage! – pictures and tweets!

Talk Shows/Appearances

  • Rob on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – screencaps and video here
  • Rob and David Cronenberg Ring Opening Bell at New York Stock Exchange – HQs, screencaps, and video all here!
  • Rob on Good Morning America – video and fan pictures! / HQ Stills
  • Times Talk: Rob and Cronenberg sit down with Time for a one and a half hour discussion about Cosmopolis and more! MUST WATCH!
  • MTV First with Rob and Josh Horowitz – Video and screencaps. MUST WATCH as hilarity and giggles erupt.

Press Junket

  • Press Junket Pictures
  • Moviefone: Rob and David Cronenberg’s Written Interview
  • TIME Entertainment: Rob and Cronenberg’s Written Interview
  • Showbiz: VIDEO Interview with Rob and Cronenberg
  • Cosmopolis Facebook Page: Rob and Cronenberg answer fan questions
  • Next Movie: Rob and Cronenberg’s Written Interview
  • Associated Press: Rob and Cronenberg’s Video Interview
  • Associated Press: Rob’s Written Interview – discusses moving on & accepting the role of Eric Packer
  • LA Times: Rob’s Written Interview and Cronenberg defends his acting, very interesting read!
  • The Playlist: Rob’s Written Interview discussing ‘The Rover’ & his work schedule
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Rob and Cronenberg’s Written Interview – Cronenberg discusses why/how he got Rob to do the role
  • ET: Rob and Cronenberg’s Video Interview
  • Fox News: Rob and Cronenberg’s Video Interview

Toronto: Cosmopolis Promo Pocket Guide

Photocall and Press Conference:

  • Full Audio from Toronto Cosmopolis Press Conference
  • HQs of Rob and Cosmopolis Cast at the Press Conference and Photocall
  • 570News Article with Rob quotes from Press Conference


  • Master Post: Toronto Cosmopolis Premiere and Q&A Session (June 4, 2012) – HQs from premiere, fanpics (outside and inside the theater), plus Q&A Videos!

Interviews & Other News:

  • Pictures and Quotes from Rob’s Appearance on GEORGE STROUMBOULOPOULOS TONIGHT / First Clip of Rob + Promo Commercial from the show
  • City TV Interview – Rob talks about crazy things that have happened while he was in a real limo, Best Kiss Award, and Loving Toronto
  • Rob and Cronenberg Interview with eTalk – talks about not being nervous about carrying the film by himself
  • ET Canada Interview – Rob talks about MMAs, Cosmopolis and fansites
  • CBC News Interview – talks about what intimidates him about scripts and what his first reaction to Cosmopolis was
  • Cineplex Interview
  • MTV Canada Interview – Rob reacts to Kristen’s best kiss acceptance! “I knew she would do that!”
  • Now Toronto – They joke about getting funds for their next movie together and getting Viggo Mortensen on the project, plus Cosmopolis
  • The Vancouver Sun – Rob and Cronenberg talk about wanting to work together again and Cronenberg says Rob is one of his favorite actors – must read!


London: Cosmopolis Promo Pocket Guide


Interviews and Other News

  • Pictures of Rob in London 6/1
  • Rob’s Interview with MTV UK – Talks about what Kristen will have to do if she wins Best Kiss at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards!
  • New Portraits of Rob and Cronenberg
  • Rob and Cronenberg on The Culture Show / More Footage – they film in a limo!

Paris: Cosmopolis Promo Pocket Guide


  • Master Post: Cosmopolis Screening/Premiere (May 30, 2012) – HQs of Rob and Cronenberg, Fan Pics inside the theater, and videos inside the theater!
  • Full Q&A Video from Inside the Theater / More Video from Inside
  • Strictly Robsten Admin Melissa's Fan Pictures from the Screening!!




  • Rob on Fun Radio (France) – Audio and Transcript!
  • Rob on Le Petit Journal – Full video plus screencaps and transcript!
  • Rob's Interview about being on Le Petit Journal
  • Interview with M6 – talks about Cannes
  • Interview with 50 Minutes inside the screening – talks about French fans
  • Rob's short interview with En Mode during the premiere – Rob refuses to answer a question about him and Kristen dating!
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    Portugal: Cosmopolis Promo Pocket Guide

    Press Conference:

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    Interviews & Other News:

    • Pictures of Rob in Lisbon with fans (May 28)
    • Pictures of Rob Sightseeing in Portugal (May 29)
    • Picture of Rob from Press Day + New Interview – Talks about wanting everyone to enjoy Cosmopolis
    • Picture + Interview from Press – Talks about Eric Packer and Reveals When He's Most Confident