Cronenberg Mentions Working w/ Rob

“Maps to the Stars” takes aim at Hollywood excess, with an ensemble cast including a bleach-blond Julianne Moore playing a hysterical actress and Mia Wasikowska playing the mysterious, scarred young woman who suddenly appears in her life.

Although it marks the first time Cronenberg, known for “A History of Violence” and “Eastern Promises,” has made a film about Hollywood, he said he has been trying to make the movie — based on a script by novelist Bruce Wagner — for a decade.

“I’ve never really been obsessed with doing a movie about movie-making or anything like that, but in a way his script was not that. It’s about ambition and fear and desperation and a whole bunch of other things within the context of movie-making,” he said.

The film reunites Cronenberg with “Cosmopolis” star Robert Pattinson, who the director called “a terrific actor.”

“When we did ‘Cosmopolis,’ he didn’t really want to do it because his character was in every scene. He really wanted to be in an ensemble piece, where he was one of a great cast of actors,” said Cronenberg. “I said, ‘We talked about that and here it is. Here’s a perfect role for you.'”

Source: Times Colonist

Cosmopolis Behind The Scenes Video From David Cronenberg’s Virtual Exhibition

TIFF created a site David Cronenberg: Virtual Exhibition to explore Cronenberg’s career and work. It has videos, interviews, behind the scenes pictures, more. Check out the full site here.

Cosmopolis is part of the exhibition and has a behind the scene video from the movie.

Did you catch Rob’s cute smile after the “cut”? And how he gets into and comes out of character? It’s wonderful!

Much of Cosmopolis takes place in the back of Eric Packer’s (Robert Pattinson) limo, which has been cork lined—or “Prousted”—to block out the sounds of the external world. While the limo provides a very intimate setting for Eric and his occasional companions as they make their way through the streets of New York, more than 160 extras were employed as the mob of protestors running rampant outside of the car. This video takes a closer look at the sound design of this film, and the technical challenges of balancing the chaos of a crowd with the extreme quiet inside the limo.

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Rob To Co-Star in The Childhood Of A Leader

News has broken today that Rob will co-star in new drama The Childhood Of A Leader with Juliette Binoche and Tim Roth. Rob and Juliette previously starred together in Cosmopolis. How exciting, Rob has so many amazing projects coming up in the new year we cannot wait to see. What we know so far is;

Juliette Binoche, Tim Roth and Robert Pattinson are attached to “The Childhood of a Leader,” a new drama directed by Brady Corbet, Variety has learned.

The pic is Corbet’s feature directorial debut, after winning honorable mention at Sundance in 2009 for his short “Protect You + Me.”

The drama, which focuses on the childhood of a post-World War I. leader, is tentatively scheduled to shoot in Europe starting in May. Corbet co-wrote the script with Mona Fastvold (director of “The Sleepwalker,” which will be competing at 2014′s Sundance Film Festival). It will be produced by Antoine and Martine de Clermont-Tonnere, Chris Coen and Amour Fou.

Corbet, star of the indie “Simon Killer,” just wrapped roles in Noah Baumbach’s “While We’re Young,” Andrea Di Stefano’s “Paradise Lost” and Bertrand Bonello’s “Saint Laurent.”

Source: Variety

Patricia McKenzie Talks Rob & Filming the Cosmopolis Sex Scene

Hopefully all of you have seen Cosmopolis at least once by now and are all familiar with that killer last sex scene with Eric Packer and his bodyguard, Kendra. Well, here’s a GIF to jog your memory …

Now you remember, right?! Can’t forget THAT scene ;) The lovely ladies over at ROBsessed interviewed Rob’s co-star in the film, Patricia McKenzie, about her experiences filming Cosmopolis and working with Rob. She reveals in her answer below about what Rob used to cover his … *cough* package.

ROBsessed: Rob once said sex scene tricks have modesty patches. What other tricks are used in sex scenes? Mint gum?
McKenzie: Wardrobe arrives between each take with a robe, to cover the actors up, touch up makeup and spray fake sweat, although the last part was wholly unnecessary.  It’s incredibly hot and sweaty gyrating under cinema lights, and I was going through a phase, as I sometimes do, where I stopped using deodorant and wearing nail polish or any other chemicals.  All part of my detox.  It takes me a lot to work up a sweat, so I didn’t really consider how hot I would be or how potentially smelly.  So luckily,  I had two little deodorant wipes, that I tried to use, which was mortifying, but at least maybe he knew I was trying not to be offensively oderous.  As far as being covered up, I had nothing, and Rob had a white sport sock taped on with masking tape, for modesty which was pretty funny. Sometimes I find those awkward cover-ups only draw attention to the nudity and make me more self-conscious than if I have nothing, but he didn’t buy my argument, and kept the sock, rather flimsily attached.

Read more of ROBsessed’s interview with Patricia here!

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