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A lot has been said about your unconventional choice of Robert Pattinson for the lead role.

The thing I liked about Rob Pattinson as an actor is that he’s a serious actor. And you could lose sight of that, because he’s had this big popular success with the Twilight movies, but he is not afraid to play a character who is difficult to like, you know, because some actors are afraid to do that, because they feel it is too personal, that they themselves will not be liked by their audience, and so on. But a real actor is not afraid to play an unsympathetic character, and Rob is a real actor.

Also, I think to be an actor, you need intelligence, first of all. For example, Rob immediately realised that the script was quite funny, and most people don’t get that. Then you want sensitivity to the subtleties of the movie, in terms of what is going on in the movie, the dialogue and so on. And Rob, personally, is very knowledgeable about cinema.

(chuckles) I don’t think his Twilight fans realise this about him, but he’s really an aficionado about art cinema. I mean, on the set I’d find him talking to Juliette Binoche about obscure French cinema, (chuckles) so you know, he brings a real depth of understanding of the history and art of cinema and all of those things mean that you have a lot of power and a lot of responsiveness from your actor as a director. It’s like driving the Ferrari instead of driving, you know, a Volkwagen Beetle. And you get that with Rob. I must also add, he’s very down to earth and very easy to work with. He’s not diva at all, you know. He’s really a sweetheart.

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‘Cosmopolis’ Makes the TIFF: Canada’s Top 10 List

Arriving in the wake of the Occupy movements and the recent financial collapse, David Cronenberg’s stylish and incredibly timely adaptation of Don DeLillo’s apocalyptic satire follows a billionaire financier (Robert Pattinson) as he creeps across an imploding New York City in a limo, his life of absurd luxury collapsing around him. It’s a scenario geared expressly toward Cronenberg’s sensibilities, playing out like Videodrome — or, as The New Yorker argued, Crash — transplanted to the increasingly endangered world of the one per cent. Boasting the hippest cast of any Canadian film this year, Cosmopolis also stars Sarah Gadon (A Dangerous Method, Antiviral), Jay Baruchel (Goon, Tropic Thunder), Emily Hampshire (The Trotsky, My Awkward Sexual Adventure) and imports Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche and Samantha Morton.

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Cronenberg Talks ‘Cosmopolis’ & Casting Rob in Total Film (Jan 2013)

Were you happy with how Cosmopolis was received?
No, I would’ve liked it to have made half a billion dollars at the box office! [laughs] The movie was received like an art film, which is to say it did OK in the big cities. Naturally you always want the biggest audience you can get, just as long as it doesn’t cause you to compromise your moviemaking.

Why did you cast Robert Pattinson as limo-riding antihero Eric Packer?
Eric is in absolutely every scene, so you need an actor who is interesting and charismatic enough to look at for the entire movie. You want someone who can really come up with surprises and angles, and has a level of stardom that will support the movie. He also had to do a credible New York accent. All of that led me to Rob.

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New/Old Rob Interview at Cannes 2012

Rob talks about several different subjects in this lengthy interview at Cannes. Most significantly, Rob discussed his undeniable love for Kristen Stewart (remember this is pre-scandal).

“We went out last night and we are going out tonight as well. I cant wait. Some people say that the moment Kristen, me and Efron are at the same festival it has failed. Isn’t that funny?” He laughs loudly. So happy and entertaining, so in love with his girlfriend. “She is amazing, ambitious ready to grasp life. She has an attitude she doesn’t kiss people’s asses, she is respected. I would die for Kristen. Yesterday i was watching her movie and felt so proud.” He mentions he has been writing something so that they can work together again. Something very different.“It will be difficult and it will have to be far ahead in the future because many people will not like it. But I do not care. I want her. She is mine”.

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