Dakota Fanning Describes Kristen’s ‘Freakout’ Reaction To Her New Film w/ MTV

“You have no idea,” Dakota said, laughing. “I was like, dude, Jenny Lewis is doing the music, and she freaked out. She was so excited.”

And whatever happens with “Very Good Girls,” Dakota says she can at least count on Kristen being an avid audience for the film.

“She’s gonna be so excited to see it,” she said, “probably more for Jenny Lewis than for me, to be perfectly honest.”

Source: MTV

Dakota Fanning Mentions Kristen as Her Best Friend at Sundance Film Festival


Dakota promoted her film, Very Good Girls, in Sundance this past week and mentioned what it was like to work opposite Elizabeth Olsen, who is the same age as Kristen.

The only other movie I’ve done with a woman of the same age is with Kristen [Stewart], who is my best friend in real life.


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Source: Wall Street Journal

Dakota Fanning Mentions Kristen w/ USA Today


She’s nuts for A&E’s Duck Dynasty, a show about the family that specializes in duck calls.

“I am obsessed with it. I was watching it and totally zoned out. I never laugh at TV even if it’s funny. I never laugh out loud. This show, I was cracking up. I was dying laughing,” says Fanning.

So she spread the word to her best friend, Kristen Stewart. “I called Kristen and told her she had to watch this show. I think it’s the best show ever. They make those duck calls. It’s insane,” says Fanning.

Source: USA Today

Kristen Talks About Dakota in Cosmopolitan Mag


Stewart, who became Dakota’s friend during filming, says that Dakota’s determination was obvious. “We had a few scenes that were crazy intimidating,” Stewart says, “and maybe once or twice, she was like ‘Okay, I have a butterfly in my stomach.’ Meanwhile, I’m hyperventilating! Sometimes I give her shit for being so on the ball.”

You can find this article in the February 2012 Cosmopolitan Magazine.