First Look From Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga Extras

Entertainment Tonight has given us the first look into the extras that will come with the “Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga”  box set that will be released on Blu-ray/Dvd on November 5th and in less than 90 seconds of footage we get so many goodies including bloopers, we cannot wait to see what else will be released.

Just in time for the holidays, the ultimate Twilight movie gift pack has arrived and we’ve got a sneak peek of the DVD/Blu-ray box set featuring all of the films of the saga and more than two hours of never-before-seen bonus footage and features!

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the theatrical debut of the first Twilight film, Summit Entertainment will release Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga, which in addition to the bonus features also includes 10 hours of all the Twilight features ever created.

The set also includes a commemorative photo album, extended scenes and music videos, a 6-part documentary and previously unreleased behind-the-scenes moments with the cast — including some hilarious bloopers involving Twilight mega-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

Wyck Godfrey talks The Twilight Saga – The Complete Collection DVD Box Set

We all knew that Summit was going to slowly release new DVDs, new versions, new interviews, new something to keep us unabashedly obsessed with The Twilight Saga … little do they that this fandom has that in our DNA. Thanks to @colliderfrosty‘s Comic-Con interview with Wyck Godfrey, Summit has a new surprise in store us, it’s gonna be an ULTIMATE TWILIGHT DVD/Blu-Ray BOX SET with actual footage we’ve never seen. *cough* I hope is Robsten related! *cough*

Wyck confirms an ultimate box set of the Twilight movies is coming (he produced all the Twilight films) that will be loaded with new material fans haven’t seen.

Forward to 7:29 to hear Wyck talk TWILIGHT:

Source: Collider

StrictlyRobsten Quote of the Day

StrictlyRobsten Quote of the Day


From Robert Pattinson, USA Today, May 2010

“I was dreading the day it was coming,” he says of the scene that was held until the very end of the shoot. “The first time I read the script, I thought, ‘This is impossible.’ ” References to “promenades” and sharing “iced tea on the porch” as Edward explains how he would have courted Bella in the old days especially stuck in his throat. “It’s so earnest. I finally convinced the producers that you can play it with a bit of awareness of not being a fictional character. I’m not trying to be part of a Gothic novel.”

Source | USAToday


Twitter Watch-Along: Twilight Saga Marathon

Join us as we countdown to the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2 with a Twilight Saga watch-along on Twitter, hosted by Nessie Mackenzie. We’ll be live-tweeting with you every Sunday from October 14 to November 4 at 6pm (EST) / 3pm  (PT).

To participate simply pop in your Twilight Saga DVD, login to Twitter, and start tweeting about your favorite scene, soundtrack song, bts moment, etc. using the hashtag #WaitingForForever 


Sunday, October 14 at 6pm EST / 3pm PT for Twilight!

Sunday, October 21 at 6pm EST / 3pm PT for New Moon!

Sunday, October 28 at 6pm EST / 3pm PT for Eclipse!

Sunday, November 4 at 6pm EST / 3pm PT for Breaking Dawn Part 1!