How-To Video Tutorial on Kristen’s KCAs Braid Styled by Adir Abergel

This tutorial from Kristen’s hair stylist Adir Abergel is great inspiration for the holiday weekend coming up, as well as for the summer months! I love how undone this look is and is perfect for those laid back sunny days!

Adir also mentions how Kristen “Kristified” her own look after he styled her hair for the Kid’s Choice Awards! ;) Click here to view our coverage of Kristen at the award show!

Via: Twitter | hairbyadir
Source: Teen Vogue

StyleStew Saturday


She’s a show stopper, for sure!  Kristen wore a Louis Vuitton SS13 romper straight from the runway to The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 premiere in Japan last October.

Here’s the thing: there isn’t a way to completely replicate this look.  Louis Vuitton is obviously high fashion and nothing out there can top it. However, that’s not to say you can’t be inspired and run with it as the fashionista and Kristen-lover in you!

Just before you pack up those drab winter clothes, remember that black and white are already in the door for Spring 2013!  Monochrome is taking over, which is opposite to the pastels and neons that are slowly making their way into stores.  With a Kristen-inspired wardrobe already, this look won’t be too hard to pull off!  Even if you don’t have pieces that are monochrome, you can still dig those black and white items out of your closet and mix them together!

For a simple combination, I’d try to find a black or white romper shaped like the one Kristen is wearing and pair it with the opposite colored shoe.

StyleStew Saturday

This is a girl who can wear any piece of clothing – no matter how small – and look like a million bucks.  Believe what you want, but put together tastefully, this combo of business trouser and crop top could go just about anywhere.  I mean, the crop top can’t travel with you to the office, but you could totally recycle the pants!
Kristen is wearing head-to-toe Balenciaga and has been in style magazines for this skin baring ensemble a few different times.  What really pulls the pieces together is the way the pants lay above her belly button, leaving a peep of skin showing.  It’s not really a belly top when you cover most of your belly.  That’s the difference between Kristen and the similar crop top in the set above.
I own the H&M black slacks featured in the set and I love them even more because the pockets flare out giving you more dimension, just as Kristen’s do.  If you don’t feel comfortable showing your stomach (which I don’t!), choose a solid white or creme tank instead.  This look is very minimalistic and so on trend for spring with the black and white!

StyleStew Saturday


So basically I love this outfit Kristen mixed up in between shooting the Daily Show with Jon Stewart to promote On the Road! She wore a Finders Keepers Crazy Love Body Dress with a Band of Outsiders blazer over it to keep her warm.  Plus, her maroon Dr. Martens boots actually work with this!

Any dress similar to Kristen’s can be a thin cotton material and make sure it’s striped horizontally!  Here is an example.  Throw on a lengthy blazer that almost reaches the end of the dress and you’re out the door! Don’t forget to add on your personal touches with your own jewelry! Easy, right? How many of you would try this look?

StyleStew Saturday

It was an amazing surprise when Kristen showed up in NYC for the 'On the Road' screening in September – and in more Balenciaga! Kristen's casual cool look matched her low key appearance in a creme Balenciaga blouse and black ALC pants, but she dressed them up with strappy Jimmy Choo heels.  It's easy to believe she's actually wearing rolled up track pants, but that's what I love about it! She even wore these to the airport on the way to Toronto for TIFF. Super casssschh.
What really impressed me about this entire look wasn't just the outfit, but Kristen's hair and makeup! Her smokey eyes can be seen from a mile away and I love when she pulls her hair back into a ponytail!