Forever 21 features BALENCIAGA graphic t’s – including Rob & Kristen’s designs! How to get a similar look for cheaper!

Forever 21  has a fashion blog & today I see that they’ve featured BALENCIAGA’s runway looks! Out of all the ones F21 features they show ones Rob had worn in his Blackbook photoshoot & Kristen wore one in her British Vogue photoshoot!

Now as much as I’d love to buy these sweatshirts/t’s – they’re not on my budget! Looking through Forever 21’s site though I found a few similar graphic t’s that can totally bring the same feel to your outfit.

Ombre Owl Print Pullover — $19.80

Sleeveless Tribal Eagle Tee — $16.90

78 Tiger Raglan Tee — $16.90

America The Beautiful Tee– $15.90

Retro Crazy For You Tee — $15.90

Oversized Tiger Graphic Top — $15.90

Sleeveless Mirrored Cheetah Tee — $16.90

Galactic Tiger Tee — $15.80

Leopard Lightning Tee — $15.90

Geometric Jaguar Tee — $15.90

To wear these shirts in a similar way to Kristen in her British Vogue shoot add these shorts to a graphic tee!

Coated Shorts — $7.80



UNDER $20 FIND: Love Kristen’s Black & Blue mini dresses?!

You all remember these two dresses Kristen wore for Eclipse & Breaking Dawn promo, right?

 Forever 21 now has a VERY similar style on their site for only $19.80 !! Under $20 for any dress is quite the steal! I love the cut and form fitting nature to this dress, the black inside helps flatter your shape and make you look fabulous! You could wear this dress alone, with a leather jacket, with tights, with chunky jewelry..there are so many possibilities!  

Click here to purchase this dress!

Love Kristen Stewart’s Quilted Leather Jacket?

Kristen’s Balenciaga jacket is stunning and so versatile but unfortunately not very affordable!  I decided to search around a few sites and found a bunch of jackets similar to hers but at prices you can afford! Check them out below!

At NewLook (GBP/EUR only) here’s 3 options:

1. Black Quilted Sleeve Biker Jacket 

2. Black PU Collarless Quilted Jacket --- This is very similar to the Zara leather jacket

3.  Black Quilted PU Chain Jacket

*Thank you to @Astrid_Hermans for telling me she found a quilted leather jacket at!*



1. ASOS Square Quilted Leather Collarless Bomber Jacket


At Guess here’s 1 option:

1. Guess Asymmetric Quilted Faux- Leather Jacket


At Ebay here’s 1 option:

1. Last Kiss Black Quilted Faux Leather Jacket

2. Black Quilted Faux Leather Biker Motorcycle Womens Jacket

3. Black Faux Leather Quilted Military Moto Punk Jacket

4. Black Quilted Motorcycle Jacket


At Dr.Jays here’s 1 option (other colors available):

1. Faux Leather Quilted Motorcycle Jacket


At Forever 21:

1. Quilted Chain Trimmed Jacket


Looking for other Kristen inspired items?! Send us a comment, email, tweet or message us on tumblr! We’d be happy to try and help you find that perfect item for your closet!

StyleStew Saturday

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Saturday and enjoying TIFF weekend with Kristen! We’ve seen her in some really great pieces lately that are hard to miss!  We know she doesn’t like attention, but it’s the best kind when she’s dressed to kill!
I’m so glad Kristen chose this Roberto Cavalli printed blazer to the 2012 Teen Choice Awards in July.  I happen to love this jacket and how structured it is.  She’s done the blazer and leather pants look LOTS of times (just check other StyleStew posts- I’m obsessed!).

If you look at the runway trends, you’ll see that abstracts and prints of any kind are coming back around this year!  Take a page out of Kristen’s book and pair a solid or printed blue blazer with either black or leather pants.  I would suggest wearing a loosely fitted tank top underneath like Kristen did at this award show to make the outfit appear more relaxed.

I don’t normally go into beauty details, but Kristen has a very subtle braid on the side of her head underneath her ear.  Just create a deep part on the same side as the braid for a less done-up approach!  I haven’t seen this done on many celebrities, so you’ll be sure to impress fellow fashionistas!

StyleStew Saturday

If you’re going to do a photoshoot in Cannes, why not do it on a rooftop? In a pool?
At her photoshoot with Marie Claire magazine with Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund, Kristen wore a graphic Blondie t-shirt tucked into her black Hudson distressed cutoffs for a sunny afternoon.  Instead of wearing her jacket, she propped her signature Balenciaga moto jacket on her shoulder.
In fact, this is another one of those outfits of hers you can recreate easily!  Vintage band t-shirts are easy to find, especially in thrift stores and hipster boutiques.  Even though Kristen’s Dolce & Gabbana tee is on the pricey side, it doesn’t mean you can’t find one similar!  Just pick your favorite artist and pair it with do-it-yourself jean cutoffs! Go to your local thrift store, find a pair that fit especially good in the waist, and destroy those babies!  They’re fun to make and cheap!
 As for the moto jacket, those you can find closer to fall and winter, but here’s a great one on sale at Express for under $100!