Designer Stella McCartney Says Kristen “Rocks” Her Shoes

Hollywood succumbed to a textbook case of Beatlemania on Friday night when Sir Paul McCartney breezed into town for the music video premiere of his new song “My Valentine.” Of course, the crowd that gathered in the back courtyard of Stella McCartney’s West Hollywood boutique (Gwyneth Paltow, Jane Fonda, Quincy Jones) was a far cry from hysterical tweens. Nevertheless, classic symptoms of the condition (obsessive adulation and a tendency to ogle) were unmistakable. Ginnifer Goodwin didn’t even attempt to play it cool. “I’m in total stalker mode,” admitted the actress, who joked that she had enlisted pals to snap iPhone portraits of her with McCartney in the background.

Given the occasion, many guests turned up in Stella McCartney. Gwen Stefani opted for a black silk one-piece with sheer side panels (“I love a good jumpsuit,” explained the singer) while Kristen Stewart offset the daintiness of a cobalt-blue wool crepe skirt with sturdy faux-patent-leather loafers. “You’re rocking those shoes!” said the designer.

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StyleStew Saturday

Stew’s got the style, the flawless face, the untamed sexy hair! She has everything! Here is how YOU can get her look, too!
I adore this tribal print tee on Kristen and it is everywhere right now! Even though Kristen’s Citizens of Humanity Falling Arrow Perfect T-Shirt may have cost a lot, you can go into any store right now and find something just like it, especially in surf stores like PacSun!
Her J Brand jeans are black, so any black pair of skinnies will work! The Thomas Wylde belts she is wearing are super cool and make the look a lot edgier, but aren’t necessary! If you cannot find belts like this or aren’t a big fan of them (like me), go without ‘em!  Instead, throw on your fave pair of scuffed up boots, like Kristen’s Frye Veronica Shortie Boots and some gold bangles and you’re ready to take on the wild outdoors! ;)
Here is the another StyleStew I did from this EW photoshoot, but with Kristen’s other outfit!

StyleStew Saturday

Feeling frisky after Friday? Kristen sure went bold when she attended the Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton Exhibition this past March!

This hot little number is Louis Vuitton – appropriate, of course! It’s not Balenciaga, but sometimes an actress has to respect other designers in the fashion world! This leopard print is wild and sexy, but the three-quarter length sleeves kind of make this outfit for me.  It just proves you don’t have to show any cleavage or a ton of skin to look hot.  Granted, Kristen is wearing her signature above-the-knee mini dress, but it’s unique and the print is different for her!  Not to mention her sex hair waves and smokey eyes cannot be ignored.

How to you achieve this same wild-child-but-glam style without being overdressed? Read on after the picture below!

Alright, so I can’t lie – I love animal prints of all kinds.  Cheetah, zebra, giraffe (weird, but true), and leopard, but leopard on Kristen was just… *thud*.  I died when I first saw her in this dress.  It’s so feminine, but totally Kristen’s style.

You could approach this in so many different ways.  My favorite way is to work it into an accessory instead of wearing the print head to toe.  It’s just enough of a touch without being overwhelming.  Try to find a green cheetah or leopard scarf (or even a regular colored print) and pair it with a white v-neck and cargo shorts. It will be very safari of you.

Then, for your night out, you can either switch the cargo shorts for a pair of dark skinny jeans OR if you’re lucky enough to find one, wear a forest green leopard dress like the ROMWE one below (LOVE).  Wake up the next day, soak up the sun in your deep green two-piece push up bikini from H&M.  Be inspired by the color and don’t get too caught up in the literal outfit!

Have fun shopping and get wild! You know you want to!

StyleStew Saturday

Welcome to the Jungle….err, my StyleStew Saturday post!

Kristen surprised us all when she showed up in Anaheim to promote Snow White and the Huntsman at WonderCon this month!  She sent us into a whirlwind of excitement just by being there, but what sent us into a tizzy was her outfit.  I adored Kristen’s, I mean ROB’S, I mean…Let’s try this again. KRISTEN WORE ROB’S SWEATSHIRT TO A PUBLIC EVENT.  There. That’s better.

Kristen looked comfy and all vintage-cool in this old-school Cincinnati Bengals sweatshirt under her Balenciaga leather jacket.  She’s been seen wearing the leather jacket since her trip to Paris this past month, but we can now add the sweatshirt to the list of hobo-sharing.

The best place to look for a authentic vintage pullover crew sweatshirt would be a consignment or vintage shop; however, more and more stores right now are carrying graphic tees and sweatshirts.  Any funky text, quote, graphic, or picture that appears out of the ordinary and unique on a piece of clothing would look playful underneath a hardcore (p)leather jacket.  The sweater will be less bulky if you find one without a hood, like Rob’s.

Actually, if you like sports and your team’s colors are black and orange, definitely use their merchandise!  Also, college or university paraphernalia showcased underneath the jacket gives the outfit a campus-spirited feel.

It may be too hot wherever you live to wear this now, but keep it in mind for the Fall 2012 season or a trip to somewhere cooler!  Wear the jacket during the early mornings and late evenings, then stay comfy during the day in the sweater.  Kristen wore it in sunny LA, so try it out and have fun putting the pieces together!

@CourtJustice Interviewed Kristen’s TODAY Show Hairstylist

The lovely fashion expert and fellow Twi fangirl, @courtjustice, interviewed Kristen’s TODAY Show hairstylist about how replicate that sultry, tousled look. Can’t wait to try this myself!

Hair stylist DANILO has worked with some of today’s hottest in fashion, film and music — including Cate Blanchett, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, Megan Fox, Rooney Mara … and now Kristen.

Danilo — the man behind the ‘do — helped Kristen get camera-ready last week and shared his expert secrets of the style with to help YOU achieve the look on your own!


Now it’s your turn to try it!

First things first…

Saturate hair overall with Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Conditioning Shake, then mist Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Style Root Lifter Spray Hair Gel volumizer throughout hair. Mousse would work too.

Quickly brush blow dry hair upside down to get ultimate volume direction at root.

Now that you’ve got that done…

Apply Pantene Pro-V Restore Beautiful Lengths Smoothing Hair Balm to each section before ironing and use 2″ curling iron and or flat iron to spiral set hair away from face. Pin to cool.

You’re almost there!

Once texture is established flip upside down, breakup hair running fingers through — don’t brush! Mist with aerosol, texturizing spray or dry shampoo/conditioner spray.

These final steps reveal and enhance tousled texture.

For the finishing touch…

Once textured is established, finger rake your front, top and sides back and pin into place, leaving out back length to tousle.

StyleStew Saturday

Our BALENCIAGA girl was repping her fav high-end fashion brand at the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Balenciaga Fashion Show this month in Paris.  Kristen wore a sophisticated mix of winter and spring pieces, with her sleeveless foilage top and black leather leggings.  Floral has always been a popular choice for the warmer months, so why not try this look for the in-between weather?

First off, let’s state that leather leggings are not a necessity for you to be inspired by Kristen’s outfit and successful in pulling it off yourself.  Any pair of black ankle-length leggings will have the same effect.  Although it has a more casual approach, they will be more comfortable, not to mention much lighter for those sunny days.  However, black leather leggings or pants give off an edgier vibe for a night out!  Recently, H&M has had a few leather pieces for very low prices!

Once you’ve decided which style you prefer, go searching (I prefer to use the postive, more productive term, “shopping with a purpose”) for a sleeveless floral shirt with hints of green, pink, and yellow.  Floral tops can be found just about anywhere during the spring and summer seasons.  Again, it does not necessarily have to be sleeveless, but it’s the closest style to Kristen’s top.  

However, not copying the exact look will give your outfit your own flare!  For instance, I love these Wet Seal floral lace-up sneakers!  So cute, comfy, and still have that spring feel!  Dinner out on the town would better suit the buckled wedge sandal from Payless that resemble Kristen’s BALENCIAGA leather slingbacks.  They cover the top of the foot, but have a peeptoe in the front.

Lastly, paint your nails a bright spring color for a polished look (no pun intended). ;)

See all HQ pictures and videos of Kristen attending the BALENCIAGA fashion show hereAnd remember, you can view all items shown in the collage below by clicking on the square pictures!

StyleStew Saturday

Lounging around this Saturday?  Take a page from Kristen’s Elle UK photoshoot! (Scroll to the very bottom to see the Behind-the-Scenes footage!)

In a beaded cashmere cardigan by Clements Ribeiro (top picture), a wool playsuit by Vanessa Bruno, and wool socks by Prada, Kristen makes sweaters and laying on the couch look sexy!

(P.S. I can’t comment enough on how impeccable my timing is on choosing the right outfit before all of the news!  Click here for details on Kristen’s upcoming Elle US and UK shoots this year!)

Because most of us put on mismatched items and scrappy pieces of clothing when we’re feeling lazy, bumming around the house can sometimes make you lose confidence in yourself and the way you look.  This can be avoided by swapping that 5 year old ratty t-shirt and pair of sweatpants (as comfortable as they are) for an over-sized sweatshirt and stockings instead!  Not only will you FEEL sexier (guaranteed!), but you never know who will show up at your door! hehe

Go with me on this - an oversized neutral-colored sweater with either knee high socks, legwarmers, or better yet, actual stockings, will have your man on his knees surrendering.  Besides his shirt, there is nothing more attractive than this lazy look.  It’s comfortable without trying too hard and will boost your confidence to a whole new level!  In case you’re considering it, H&M has cheap stockings here!

Pale pinks, browns, and reds are the key here.  Kristen looks extremely feminine here, so follow her lead!  These items do not have to be anything expensive!  Old Navy has some fantastic simple sweaters, such as the ones below, that can also be worn with jeans for a day out!  Who doesn’t love multi-purpose items?!  Dress it up with a strand of pearls or an old-fashioned cameo necklace (which are coming back around, by the way) and your lounge-around-the-house sweater just became your I’m-going-to-meet-someone-for-lunch sweater!

If your sweater isn’t long enough that you feel you need shorts, a simple pair of Soffe shorts will do, but I say amp it up with silk or lace shorts!  Finally, finish off the effortless look by throwing your hair into a messy bun, and if you feel up to it, apply neutral-toned eyeshadow before one coat of mascara (top and bottom lashes).

Who do you have to impress with this outfit, you ask? No one!This is for your benefit only…unless you want to use it to your advantage on someone special.