StyleStew Saturday – Valentine’s Day Edition!

Happy almost Valentine’s Day, everyone! I hope your hearts are excited for the big day! We at Strictly Robsten are wondering just what Rob and Kristen will do together on Tuesday night, but here are some ideas for what YOU could wear to impress someone (or wear just to get in the spirit of the holiday)!

Kristen’s Proenza Schouler gown seemed most appropriate for this Valentine’s Day!  She wore this to the Met Gala honoring Alexander McQueen in New York City in 2011! This was such a bold statement for her, the red, the length, the slit, and the cut of the back! It was a perfect choice because she looks like a piece of artwork here! She’s simply stunning.

(LOVE her eye make-up and how heavy, yet clean the black liner is – and she still is a natural beauty!)

Red seems like the obvious choice to wear on Valentine’s, but you can never, I repeat, NEVER go wrong with it! It’s so sexy, especially with a touch of black.  I chose a few dresses to get a couple of ideas, depending on the occasion.

The dress that is most like Kristen’s is the red and black zig-zagged maxi from  For only $52, the length of this dress will make you look skinnier and taller! With some wedges or heeled gladiator sandals, such as these jeweled ones from, it brings the length of the dress up and off the floor (it’s important to be able to walk in it!).  This dress is also sexy for those of you who live in warmer areas because it is a bit see-through toward the bottom and is lightweight for those humid days!  It’s also casual enough to wear year-round! Whoohoo! I’m all for getting your money’s worth.

If you don’t plan on doing anything special for Valentine’s Day, but want to have some fun with it, try this dress from with the black satan bow.  It’s comfortable and low-key enough to wear around campus, out to dinner with the girls, or downtown for a couple of drinks!  Even sophisticated enough for a date, too, without going over the top.

The other dress from with the black ribbing near the bust is also a great substitute for casual, comfy, but in my opinion, is a bit nicer for an appropriate occasion.  It sort of has an edge to it and less girly vibe, but you can still make it look effortless by adding black jeweled cuffs (like this one from JC Penney) and some black nail polish.

All of the jewlery here can turn your simple dress into a thought-out outfit, including a nice pair of diamond earrings (the hearts are just an added Valentine’s Day reference!)

StyleStew Saturday

Yay for the weekend!

This week, Kristen’s 2008 appearance at a Hot Topic event in Hollywood to promote ‘Twilight’ is shown and rocks out in all sorts of ways! The edgy vibe, but girly touches are Kristen’s specialty and I wanted to showcase that!

Here she is wearing a bright red Gucci Resort 2009 Striped Jacket with bold navy stripes.  It is one of those jackets that can be worn in a rocker way or a nautical way, but of course, rocker it is for Kristen! But that’s what I love about a jacket like this because you can wear it in so many different ways.  That is why I chose a black striped jacket and a red striped jacket – you can switch out the colors with the t-shirts also! All 4 of these pieces are interchangable!

I love the River Island black and white striped jacket with the ‘Daydream Believer’ tee because the tee has a little bit of that red in it, so it adds a subtle hint of color to make it pop. That way, you’re not all black! A bold colored t-shirt would go great underneath, too!  I saw the t-shirt at Pacsun and Delia’s also, but this one is from

Now, the red striped blazer like this can be found anywhere, I just used this one as an example.  A plain red blazer would be super cute too, with a black an white shirt like the ‘True Colors’ one from Forever 21.  I love love love the tied look because Kristen ALWAYS ties the bottom of her t-shirts and this is just a pre-made way to wear it. Additionally, Kristen is wearing a Specials logo T-shirt, which is a band logo, so actually a band logo t-shirt would make the outfit even more fab.

The Gucci Spring 2008 Cropped Skinny Pants are a simple black capri pair, so it is up to you what you feel most comfortable in! Even a pair of black skinny jeans would work.

Let’s not forget Kristen’s signature high top Converse that she loves, but then surprises us by carrying a Chanel flap handbag! There are so many similar ones that look like this at Aldoshoe/accessory stores!

StyleStew Saturday

Happy Saturday, loveys!

I am really excited about this week’s StyleStew Saturday outfit because it is so colorful and fun, and normally Kristen’s outfits are simple and pretty easy to mimic, but I have to say this outfit by Proenza Schouler at the New Moon London Premiere was a bit of a challenge! Both the 2010 sweater and skirt are incredibly unique, so I chose a more casual approach that may be more realistic in your daily life!

Instead of trying to take a literal approach with a tweed skirt, be inspired by the bright colors in Kristen’s skirt, such as the yellow or lime green, and buy a pair of solid colored jeans (which are very much in style).  Then go for a funky sweater like this Target for Missoni chiffon sweater which has the ‘wow’ factor like Kristen’s!  It’s fun, it’s different, and it’s definitely a conversation starter! (I actually bought this sweater because it reminded me of this outfit and I love it! It is still available on  Pair it with black heels for a dressier occassion to keep with Kristen’s Gucci Patent Pumps. 

Now, if you want to do something even more casual, but still give off the Kristen vibe, wear 3 solid colors together that compliment each other and contrast at the same time.  The blue sweatshirt by Nike,  yellow tank from Kohl’s, and green shorts from Delia’s reminded me of Kristen’s outfit shades and could work for going to the store, hanging around the house, or going to the gym.  Like I said, it’s fun and different without trying too hard.  Only you know that it is inspired by Kristen and you look cute copying the look (so take the credit haha)!  Change out the shorts for dark denim jeans if the weather is a bit cold or if you just prefer pants to shorts (like me!).  Toms canvas shoes are so comfortable and Kristen wears them a lot, so they would be perfect with any combination below.  The thunderbolt earrings are just an edgy affect to an easy-going look!

Kristen on Mulberry website

I was looking for material for the next StyleStew Saturday, took a peak at the Mulberry website, and saw Kristen’s dress! I also found some videos from the Spring/Summer 2012 runway show Kristen attended!

Front Row:
Click here to see Kristen talk about Mulberry at :20 seconds, catch a glimpse of her before the show around 1:04, and then see her enjoying the show at 1:37.
The Party:
Here you can see a video of Kristen posing with Emma Hill, the creator and designer of Mulberry, at the Mulberry Spring/Summer 2012 after party.  Not sure if we’ve seen an actual video of her taking this picture (:20), so here it is!
You can also shop Kristen’s fashion show look on
now and buy the dress (if you don’t mind breaking the bank!)  They also have a shirt, a pair of shoes, and a scarf in this print! So cute! We all made not be able to afford it, but it’s fun to look at the rest of the line!
I don’t know about you, but just seeing Kristen on their website excites me! I loved when she surprised us with her appearance there. :)

StyleStew Saturday

Hey girls! Hope everyone’s weekend is going well!
So this week’s StyleStew is definitely my favorite outfit of Kristen’s for Entertainment Weekly.  This one is from 2009 from the New Moon promos.  I know this one has Taylor in it also, but I thought these photos were adorable and I love K/Tay’s friendship!
The best part about this outfit is it can be for a night out with the girls with a pair of heels or it can be dressed down paired with a plain tee and some boots like how Kristen wears it! I personally love the faux-snakeskin pants, and yes, they are pretty bold, but that’s why I love them – they’re a HUGE statement piece. If you want some attention, this is the perfect outfit for you!
While the Thomas Wylde snakeskin leggings Kristen is wearing are retailed at a whopping $840 (!!!!!!!), the pair I found are actually cotton and are on sale for $19.99 at!
The Elizabeth & James pocket tee appears to be purposely oversized so it can go off the shoulder, so I would suggest buying a cream colored scoop-neck tee one or two sizes bigger than your actual size.  I added the graphic tee ‘Say It Out Loud’ from H&M not only because it reminded me of ‘Twilight’ (DUH!), but because I thought it added a bit more personality to the outfit and it was definitely something that I would wear with those pants.  It’s just another idea if you don’t want to wear a plain tee.
The long and layered necklace by Cara Accessories is very unique and looks great on Kristen. She doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, and it dresses up the tee a bit. I loved the one below from Old Navy and is only $16! Any long, chain necklace would work.  Throw in a couple of gold rings and rope bracelets to complete the jewlery look.
Last, shoes can be difficult to find to wear with such a complex outfit with a lot going on.  A solid color would be best with these already patterned leggings.  Kristen is wearing Frye Veronica ‘Shortie’ boots, but this rugged and casual pair from Steve Madden are only $70!  LOVE these and want them for myself!
Whether you are bold enough to walk around campus with this outfit or not, a canvas backpack completes the look for a day out.
Would you wear this look worn by Kristen and where would you go if you wore it? I’m curious! 

StyleStew Saturday

So, I’ll admit, it took me a while to love Kristen’s post-Joan Jett hairstyle, but once it grew out to look like how it did for the New Moon press tour, I couldn’t get enough of her edgy-cool-little-black-dress trend. I had a hard time deciding which of these looks below to choose this week, so I did both! They’re pretty similar with the subtle leather and see-through details.

Kristen in Balenciaga at the New Moon fan event in Madrid:
I loved this look because it’s actually a multi-patterned top with a skirt and Kristen doesn’t usually wear skirts.  The ankle booties are killer too, which complete her rock and roll glam attire. And just look at the sheer material showing some side-cleavage! Ow ow!
Kristen in Elizabeth & James at the New Moon photocall in Madrid:
This one is my favorite of the two and something I would totally wear! I love the different elements to the dress with the sheer at the top, the leather in the middle, and the cotton at the bottom with the side pockets (a must-have!)  Of course, you can never go wrong with a pair of Louboutin heels, but the deep red (reminds me of blood, how appropriate!) are more fun than her usual black heel she does.

With both dresses under $80, each one reminded me of Kristen’s two unique, but similar looks. Look for a dress with sheer material above the waist and leather incorporated into it somehow. All you need are a pair of black leather booties or a deep red heel, which you can wear with either dress, actually!  Also, add one or two black bracelets as a small touch, maybe something with silver beads or studs and you’re just about as rock-and-roll glam as Kristen!

Have an eye open for next week’s StyleStew Saturday! It’s one of my favorite casual outfits of hers and is easy for dress-up or down!  Hint: It’s from the same press tour! ;) Have a great weekend, everyone!

StyleStew Saturday

Kristen attended the Welcome to the Rileys NYC Premiere on October 18, 2010 looking stunning in a one shoulder Valentino Resort 2011 mini dress and Brian Atwood pumps.  She kept it simple with no jewelry in true KStew fashion, and she didn’t need anything other than her classic mini and a bold pair of red lips.  Her Valentino dress is the perfect combination of edgy glam and girly sophistication with the black and nude colored floral designs and bow-detail on the shoulder.
This dress from ModCloth ($92.99) immediately reminded me of Kristen’s dress.  It has the one shoulder with the lace effect and banded waist, along with the black and neutral colored touches that make it the perfect mix of girly and sexy.  Kristen is known for wearing a simple black heel, so this pair from Target will go great with the dress; but of course, any black heel would work.  Although Kristen wears minimal jewelry, I think adding a few personal touches would be very cute, especially some pearl earrings.  Paint your nails black, apply that bold, red lipstick, step on those heels, and be ready to make some heads turn just as fast as Kristen!
Click on the images below for more details on the items!