Bret Easton Ellis Tweets About Rob and the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

It seems that according to Bret Easton Ellis, EL James had Rob in mind to play Christian Grey (obviously because she wrote Fifty Shades of Grey aka MOTU about him and Kristen). Remember when EL James was at Rob’s “Gatsby” party back in June?



‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ on the Cover of EW

Now I do realize that this news isn’t necessarily about Rob and Kristen specifically, but we all would LOVE for them to be cast as Christian and Anastasia since it WAS a Twilight fanfiction before it was published!

Entertainment Weekly has two covers this week: The Hunger Games is the newsstand cover, celebrating the film’s amazing opening weekend in theaters. Subscribers, on the other hand, will receive a Fifty Shades of Grey cover, teasing the literary smash that had movie studios panting.

Both versions feature the first Stateside interview with British author E L James (that’s a nom de plume, by the way), who explains how her erotic debut novel went from unpolished Twilight-inspired fan fiction to a full-on phenomenon. “It’s very hugely overwhelming, frankly,” the admittedly press-shy author tells EW’s Lisa Schwarzbaum. “I’ve been a production executive for the BBC for eight years. I’m now — full-time — someone who gets carted around and thrown in front of people.”

Now that Universal and Focus Features have picked up the movie rights for reportedly close to $5 million, the attention isn’t likely to stop. James understands her book’s appeal. “It’s fantasy,” she says. “It’s a romantic fantasy story. That’s it. It’s just a fun read. I don’t see it as erotica. I see it as a contemporary romance. Yes, it’s quite graphic, but when people fall in love they have sex. Well, actually, they have a lot of sex. In the beginning. So that’s what this is about. It’s for ordinary women who like some spicy sex.”