BREAKING: Will Smith in Final Talks to Star in Focus, Kristen Drops Role


Will Smith may have found his next project — he is in final talks to star in the Warner Bros. con artist pic “Focus.”

Kristen Stewart was attached to also star in the pic but when Smith became engaged in the project, Stewart fell off with the feeling that the age difference between the two would be too large a gap.

From the author of Variety’s Focus article:

@krolljvar: Update: Kristen Stewart no longer attached to FOCUS, Will Smith only actor involved with film #FOCUS

@krolljvar: There had been speculation that Stewart may leave the project if Smith committed but when Smith was first approached Stewart remained on pic

The Hollywood Reporter also reports that Kristen has left the role:

Kristen Stewart is no longer set to star in Focus, a Warner Bros. heist project being directed by Crazy, Stupid, Love helmers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa.

Sources say in recent weeks Stewart also quietly exited the project.

This unfortunate news about Kristen dropping Focus saddens us, but only makes us wonder that perhaps it conflicts with another role that will be filming during that time (or has yet to be announced).

Source: Variety | THR

Ben Affleck “Loves” Kristen & Talks Focus w/ MTV

“Basically I’m doing this movie called “Live By Night” and I’m trying to meet this schedule… so that I can have it released at the right time,” he explained at the event where he picked up a Special Achievement in Filmmaking award for “Argo.” “And basically I haven’t gotten enough writing done; it became clear that if I took that job — it was in Buenos Aires for three months — I’d have to miss the deadline. I had to choose between getting the movie out when I wanted to or doing that movie. Reluctantly I chose the latter but I love those guys, I love Kristen. I was really excited to work with her. I think the movie is going to be fabulous. I’m sure they’ll find a great guy for it.”

“Focus” is the story of a seasoned con man (formerly to be played by Affleck) who takes on an up-and-comer (Stewart) to teach her the ways of a good grift. Writer/director duo Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (“Crazy, Stupid, Love”) will write the script and direct the film.

The search for Affleck’s replacement continues before filming begins in April.

Source: MTV

Kristen CONFIRMS Her Role in ‘Focus’ to Huffington Post

Kristen confirmed to Huffington Post that she WILL BE starring alongside Ben Affleck in Focus. Filming starts in April!

Kristen Stewart has told HuffPost Entertainment that she will indeed star opposite Ben Affleck in a comedy titled “Focus.”

“I can confirm that rumor,” she said, referring to Internet reports that began surfacing last month. “It’s a comedy. I’m really excited about it. We start shooting in April.”

Subsequent reports claimed that the role would call on Stewart, 22, to shoot some “passionate” love scenes with Affleck, 40. Affleck was also quoted saying that he hoped Stewart would take the role because she’s “terrific.”

Stewart told HuffPost that she does not have any other projects lined up, but “would love to find some micro-project before then, because April is kind of a ways away.”

Source: Huffington Post