Jennfier Lawrence says she likes Kristen in Twilight


You’re kind of an “it” girl at the moment. Are you glad you didn’t get the role of Bella in Twilight?

No. I think that everything happens for a reason. Everything happened the way that it did, especially because I really like Kristen Stewart in the Twilight movies. I can’t really imagine anybody else doing it; I think she’s a great Bella. I’ve never really been disappointed about not getting anything. I mean, I was just with every actor in New York or LA auditioning for whatever’s out there. But I felt that whatever is meant to be, will happen. I actually had no idea what they were. When the movies came out, I went “Wow!”

I’m sure these Twilight/Bella/Kristen comparisons are going to get tiresome…

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“Twilight” and “Hunger Games” Hooking Up?

“Are Robert Pattinson and Jennifer Lawrence dating? Is Kristen jealous?” Seriously??… Who’s sending in these questions? Yeah, that’s why Robert is in London right now as we speak…with Kristen! *high five in the face* Thank goodness E! Online has it right by distinguishing these crazy flaming rumors immediately.

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Rob Is A Fan Of Hunger Games, Too!

Robert admits in his Entertainment Weekly article, out in newsstands tomorrow, that he’s a fan of The Hunger Game series by Suzanne Collins.  This definitely caught me off guard!  Makes me adore him even more … he’s a cool kid :)

Robert Pattinson graces the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly with his “Water For Elephants” co-star, Reese Witherspoon. If you can bear to take your eyes off that picture for just a few minutes, Rob opens up inside about his post-“Twilight” career and also admits he’s a fan of “The Hunger Games.”

Did you hear that sound? It’s our worlds colliding. Yes, our vampire hero likes Suzanne Collins’ dystopian series, and Twitter is buzzing with the news.

“I sort of came across it last year, and I didn’t realize it was the most enormous thing in the world,” Rob told EW. “It’s good! It will be a good movie.”

I only wished that he would be in the movie …. but I’m sure he won’t be doing another franchise for awhile now ….