Pics + Video of Rob at Jimmy Kimmel – June 12

Full Interview

Robert Pattinson – Interview – Jimmy Kimmel 6… by IdolxMuzic

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“@Hannahos16 we just saw Robert Pattinson going into the Jimmy Kimmel live show (he’s the one in the middle)”


@ClaireExoxo31: Accomplished my goal to see a celebrity in Hollywood



Backstage pic source: Twitter / JimmyKimmelLive
Video: YouTube / laisa k
FanPic Sources: Twitter / Hannahos16 / ClaireExoxo31 | Ink361 / kkkare

Kristen Reads a Tweet in Jimmy Kimmel Live Segment

Kristen is at 1:27 reading a rude tweet about her, but she shrugs it off and plays along! ;) Even though we don’t condone ANY rude comments about Kristen, this was a short video of her making fun of the bad attention she receives sometimes and shows how she doesn’t take it so seriously.  Plus, it’s a video we haven’t seen of her before!

Source: Youtube / Via: Stewilicious