Rob on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Nov 9

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Rob apparently “talked about nipples, the tip, thrusting, chains, getting stoned… “ and “said that they wanted him to do no thrusting [during the Breaking Dawn sex scene] and he felt that he was being held back by chains to let just the tip in…”! Can’t wait to see this interview (which airs Nov 9).

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Rob, Kristen, Taylor & Peter to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live

According to an official press release by ABC, Rob, Kristen, Taylor, & Peter will all be attending yet another Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The late-night host celebrates the conclusion of the “Twilight Saga” movie series with appearances from its leading stars, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Peter Facinelli.

I wonder if Jimmy is going to ask Peter this time whether Rob and Kristen are dating .. lol well, since Kristen let the cat out of the bag that she’s got an English boyfriend *cough* Rob *cough*, I wonder if they are still going to keep us on our toes?

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Rob on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Ah, how I love Robert in a suit! :) Rob talks about his living situation and keeping things in storage facilities around the world. Easy enough since he “wears the same thing every day.” haha Jimmy Kimmel gives him a present which Rob says is “the best thing he’s ever gotten!”

If you notice here in the 3rd part of the interview, Rob mouths “Happy Birthday” while Jimmy Kimmel is introducing people back to the show after commercial. You can’t see it in these clips but Jimmy Kimmel said hello to her during the monologue of the show and she seemed veryyy excited to see Rob. I bet that made her night! My goodness, that would make my year!!