Kristen’s Mom Jules Stewart Talks Kristen in K-11 and at Cannes

And your daughter Kristen also plays a micro-cameo in the movie…

Yes, she is the secretary on the telephone. She loves the film and wanted to be a part of it. She was going to be Butterfly at first. Kristen attached herself to that role years ago but the schedule didn’t work. There was Snow White and the Huntsman and I have to push her up to do this big movie.

Let’s talk about Cannes. How is the festival going for you?

We are having a wonderful time here, it couldn’t be better. We already got offers for K-11, the movie has been very well received there.

How long are you staying? 

Until May 26th. I’m here for the whole festival. My daughter Kristen is coming on the 22nd for her movie ON THE ROAD so I’ll be here to support her. I’m really proud of her.

Red carpet time then?

I don’t know yet, but I will definitely be on the background, applauding her.

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Details on Kristen’s K-11 Role

So who will she play?

Karen, the secretary of Goran Visnjic’s dissipated record producer, who finds himself locked up in L.A.

County’s notorious K-11 unit, which specializes in special protection for LGBT inmates.

“Kristen has always been supportive of K-11,” Jules told us exclusively, “but you’ll have to look very hard to find her. It’s a micro-cameo.”

Actually, we should say you’ll have to listen very hard.

Because Kristen’s role is actually a voice-over: “We’d already finished shooting the movie, but Kristen still wanted to be a part of it in some way,” Jules said.

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MamaStew’s ‘K-11′ To Possibly Premiere at SXSW

Although Kristen was unable to lend her face for this film, she was very much an integral part of the film’s production, behind the scenes. Therefore, it is my thought that if this film, directed my her mother and co-starring her brother, were to premiere at SXSW, Kristen would most likely attend in support of her family (pending her schedule, of course). Films are still being locked for the festival, March 9-17. If you are interested in attending SXSW, details can be found on their official website,

ICYMI: Here are our exclusive pictures of Kristen from when she attended SXSW in 2010. (Note: They aren’t the best quality, but hey, at least we saw her!)