K-11 Has No K-Stew But C-Stew Is In It!

We have found out that although Kristen will not be appearing in her mother’s ‘directorial debut’, Kristen’s brother, Cameron, will be! It’s going to be neat to see ‘C-Stew’ on screen!

Kristen Stewart won’t appear in “K-11,” her mom’s directorial debut, but big brother Cameron Stewart will, Variety’s Josh L. Dickey exclusively reports. It’ll be the first film credit for K-Stew’s older sibling, but not for his co-stars Goran Visnjic, D.B. Sweeney and Portia Doubleday. The film stars Visnjic as a successful young record producer who wakes up after a three-day binge in a special unit of L.A. County’s Men’s Central Jail that’s dedicated to vulnerable prisoners, a place ruled by a viper transsexual. (Cameron Stewart will play an inmate named “Sledgehammer.”) Though there was mass speculation that his kid sister of “Twilight” fame would also play a transgendered character, she is not involved in the project, alas. Shooting started July 18 at locations in Woodland Hills and Hollywood, and has moved on to the now-closed Sybil Brand correctional facility for women in Los Angeles County.

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RUMOR ALERT: Kristen is a Producer on K-11?

Rumor Alert! Apparently Hollywood Life is reporting that Kristen is helping her mom with K-11 as a producer or scriptwriter for the film. I normally don’t trust HL, but this seems plausible. I was thinking that she’d help her mom out with the film since she’s expressed interest in it.

An insider tells HollywoodLife.com Kristen Stewart is currently in Los Angeles working on her next project!
Since wrapping The Twilight Saga more than two months ago, Kristen Stewart has been busy attending award shows, visiting her boyfriend Robert Pattinson in Toronto (where he’s filming Cosmopolis), traveling to London — and now the 21-year-old actress is in Los Angeles, where she’s busy at work on a project close to her heart!

“Kristen is at home right now in LA working with her mom, Jules, on their movie, K-11,” an insider tells HollywoodLife.com. “I think she’s going to be a producer and a scriptwriter on the film.”

As we previously reported, Kristen has been working on K-11 — a movie about an autistic transgender named Butterfly, who meets a meth head transgender named Mousey in jail — for more than two years.

Originally Kristen’s Twilight co-star, Nikki Reed, was slated to star in the drama, but told us April 12, 2010 she backed out of the project.

K-11 will be directed by Kristen’s mom, Jules Mann-Stewart, and is scheduled to begin shooting next month.


K-11 Teaser Poster/More Info

The validity of this “Coming Soon” poster is still in question. IMDb allows users (anyone) to upload pics so this could very well be just a fan-made graphic.
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K-11 Production Status as of June 19th via @larry411/Larry Richman

STATUS: July 18 
LOCATION: Los Angeles
PRODUCER: Michele Berk – Tom Wright Jr.
WRITER: Jared Kurt – Jules Mann-Stewart

Dissolute record producer Ray Saxx finds himself thrown in jail on charges of murdering one of his top artists, an act he doesn’t remember due to his characteristic drug haze. In prison, Ray is kept out of the general population and put in the K-11 unit, a pit of chronic sexual and drug abuse run by the depraved Sergeant Johnson, whose reign of terror comes to an end thanks to Ray’s resourcefulness– which might just lead to Ray’s own redemption.

(Offers out to Goran Visnjic for Raymond Saxx Jr., D.B. Sweeney for Sgt. Johnson, Kate del Castillo for Mousey, Roger Cross for Detroit, Luis Moncada for ShyBoy, Matthew Nable for Villalobos and Kristen Stewart for the role of Birdy/Butterfly.)