Happy 24th Birthday, Kristen!!

Kristen turns 24 today, yay!! In celebration, we’ll be updating this post today with the latest happy birthday messages and goodies from social media that pop up :)



Jules Stewart (Mama)


@4Wolves “Looks like spring has sprung. Happy birthday my angel. Love you heaps. Xoxoxo Mom”


Joshua Horowitz:


“@joshuahorowitz My birthday present to Kristen Stewart is this embarrassing outtake from Happy/Sad/Confused.…


Birthday Tribute video from Brazilian fans (thanks, @RobstenBubble & @KStewartBR!!)


A Thank You from CureAlzheimers! WAY TO GO, EVERYBODY!!


@Cure Alzheimers “@KSbdayproject Happy bday to Kristen Stewart & a HUGE thank you to all her fans who donated! You raised over $21,700! pic.twitter.com/Bc13lAyZRG


Jillian Dempsey


@jilliandempsey “Happy birthday, DEWD! x”


Tara Swennen


@taraswennen “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favorite peeps on this planet! Love you girl!!”


Ben Lyons (via Twitter)

@iamBenLyons “I met #KS for the 1st time when I was the age she is now. Crazy to see how far she has come. Happy Birthday homey! #KS24


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New FanPic of Kristen in NOLA – Apr 4

OMG OMG OMG! Looks like Kristen is already in NOLA, getting ready for American Ultra! Check out her new locks …. wonder if this is the color, or they are lightening it up for a platinum blonde? Regardless, seeing this picture makes me oh-so-excited!

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 10.13.22 AM

Kristen Stewart gettin her hair ready for a new role! #americamultra#awesomecolor#houseofhair

Source: Instagram / maisondecheveux

SCAN: Kristen in ‘Her World’ Magazine – Singapore



She had no interest in perfumes before she was 22
“Up until I was about 21 or 22, I wasn’t really interested in fragrances and never sought them out,” says the 24-year-old actress and face of Balenciaga’s scents, Florabotanica and the new Rosabotanica.

Her one makeup must-have: lip balm
“I don’t get too attached to things, so I don’t carry a lot of makeup around. But I feel iffy when I don’t have lip balm on me.

Florabotanica was her first signature scent
“Florabotanica stood out for me because it smells organic, not synthetic,” says the American actress. “I wore it so frequently that I was starting to ‘abuse’ it,” she adds. “So I’m glad that I have the new Rosabotanica scent now to use as well. It’s more of a night-time scent than Florabotanica — it’s muskier.”

Kristen says she would pair the new Rosabotanica perfume with a sophisticated all-black outfit, like the one on the left (Breaking Dawn Part 1 London Premiere). Described as a spicy and green rose scent, Rosabotanica features notes like pepper, hyacinth and fig.

Via: Twitter / Gossipgyal