Larry Carrol (from MTV) Talks Robsten’s Instant Chemistry

Larry Carrol from MTV recalls how it was like to interview Rob and Kristen on the set of Twilight (remember TWILIGHT TUESDAYS?!):


“Yeah, the chemistry was undeniable. I remember each had a book on their chairs, next to each other. RPattz read Vonnegut. I was on set for 2 full days, and the only time they weren’t together was when I did my 1-on-1 with Rob. They were VERY into building chemistry, barely knew each other then. To play such intimate characters for several movies .they knew they had a lot of work to do. Both of them take acting very seriously, even then when relatively young. They’d share books watch movies together, hit local clubs with other actors, etc. As soon as Catherine called “Cut!” they’d almost always head off together. 

I’ve interviewed each dozens of times, most recently for XBox at the BD1 premiere. So glad they’ve come so far. Would be very cool, since I unearthed that tidbit. But I know a lot of people whose heads would explode from the sexiness! Just KStew there, missed Rob. If you have XBox, keep your eye on the movie coverage there – I produce much of that yumminess.  

Was a lot easier in those day. I was the only one who cared. I remember explaining to other reporters what “Twilight” was… EW spelled Stephenie’s name wrong, on set a lot of people thought the film would go straight-to-video. When I asked to visit the set….they were kinda shocked. Said “how many days do you want to come up for?” Gave me full access, no embargo. That’s extremely rare. I’d say they were equal. Although KStew definitely seemed to take the lead most of the time. She was the more experienced actor.”

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Lily Collins: “Kristen and I laugh at Snow White ‘rival’ rumors”

Lily Collins and Kristen Stewart might be both playing the same fairytale character, but Lily says rumors of a rivalry between her project, “Mirror Mirror,” and “Snow White & The Huntsman” are simply laughable.

“It’s funny, I mean, they are so different, they couldn’t be more different,” Lily told Billy Bush at the “Mirror Mirror” junket in Los Angeles on Monday, when asked about Kristen’s upcoming fairytale movie (opening on June 1).

“Kristen and I have laughed about the fact that we’re apparently ‘rivals.’ And it’s just funny to us,” she continued. “I’m excited for her and that version is so utterly different than ours. I think that people are going to get different things out of each one.”

The 22-year-old actress said the story about the fairest in the land is worth two versions.

“There’s always two sides to a story, so it’s interesting to see two different versions,” she explained. “[Mine] is more of like a comedic adventure, [and hers is] more edgy and dark.”

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