Kristen Attending Oscar Parties This Weekend?

Although in Lainey Gossip‘s write up of Kristen shopping in West Hollywood yesterday isn’t the most positive, she does give us some direction as to what Kristen may have been shopping for, like the Weinstein Oscar Party at SoHo House. Like always, sites like these are not always legitimate, so take with a grain of salt. However, I do think that Kristen will be making an appearance at some Official party this weekend … that garment bag is the PERFECT size for a KStew mini dress :)

And I really, really look forward to seeing what’s in that garment bag. Where will she show it?

Stewart is, at present, not scheduled to present at the Oscars. There are a lot of other parties happening this weekend though. Too many to list. Tonight’s most exclusive event is the CAA party at Bryan Lourd’s house. But there are never any official photographs allowed there. Tomorrow the biggest deal is probably the Weinstein event at Soho House. And of course the Vanity Fair Oscar party on Sunday. That’s the best place to make a marketing statement off the Oscar proper red carpet. Also she just did a photo shoot for Vanity Fair with Mario Testino that’s supposed to be an upcoming cover. Also there’s no way she’d go to Elton John’s.


Jackson Rathbone is Team Kristen!

 But before a Twilight 6 hits theaters, The Hunger Games will undoubtedly be the movie to see, so we had to ask Mr. Rathbone how he feels about the Twilight/Hunger Games comparisons:

“A lot of people are excited about it [The Hunger Games]. But to be completely honest I don’t know much about it…are they really hungry? It’s something maybe Jasper would understand,” he quipped.

OK, so Jacks isn’t exactly scared The Hunger Games will steal Twilight’s franchise thunder. In fact, he had no hesitation who would win if Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart were to battle it out on the big screen:

“I gotta go fam-bam, thank you ma’am! I’d say Kristen all the way!”

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