Jackson Rathbone is Team Kristen!

 But before a Twilight 6 hits theaters, The Hunger Games will undoubtedly be the movie to see, so we had to ask Mr. Rathbone how he feels about the Twilight/Hunger Games comparisons:

“A lot of people are excited about it [The Hunger Games]. But to be completely honest I don’t know much about it…are they really hungry? It’s something maybe Jasper would understand,” he quipped.

OK, so Jacks isn’t exactly scared The Hunger Games will steal Twilight’s franchise thunder. In fact, he had no hesitation who would win if Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart were to battle it out on the big screen:

“I gotta go fam-bam, thank you ma’am! I’d say Kristen all the way!”

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Full Audio of Kristen’s BD1 Press Conference

00:00 Was it easy to play pregnant Bella?
00:42 Wast this a darker film? Were you comfortable as Bella in this movie?
2:22 Was Bella scared of marrying Edward?
3:07 Were you nervous doing the honeymoon scenes?
3:58 So was the honeymoon scene or the pregnancy worse.
Talks about Bill Condon
5:08 How did you celebrate filming the last movie?
6:16 Are you a better actress now?
7:10 Will life as a vampire be different for Bella?
7:49 What kind of connection has Jacob with Bella?
8:55 There was a strong connection in the final scene with Jacob and Bella
9:10 What part of Bella do you relate to the most
9:36 Are you personally fascinated with vampires
10:10 Have you considered moving into producing films
11:12 What was it like being part of the movie adaptation of ‘On The Road’
12:56 Any interesting anecdotes about your costars

Talking about OTR (transcription via On the Road The Movie – France):

Kristen Stewart: ”I can’t believe I’ve got the part ! I mean, she [Marylou] is the polar opposite to me. Especially like how people perceive me. She couldn’t be more different. I met Walter Salles right after I did Twilight and it hadn’t come out yet. And I knew, based on that meaning, there was just, I… the word doesn’t do it, but he is the most inspirational person I’ve ever worked with. And I knew instantly that we had, that he knew that I liked the book for the same reasons that he liked it. And it was my first favorite book, that made me starting reading. I was 13-14 when I read it. So I can’t have the words to describe the opportunity to play that part. What that means for me. And she [Marylou] is very different and the fact that I know about her more than anyone is allowed to know. I’ve talked to people that nobody else had an opportunity to speak to and I spent days with her daughter. We spoke to people that sort of gave us gifts that we could never get in any other position. And by far, it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life. And I totally thank Walter for that.”