Robsten Spends NYE at a Private Party?

According to Perez Hilton, Robsten skipped the lavish five course meal that they had originally planned to ring in the New Year and went to a private party with their close friends in attendance.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart originally had plans to have a very lavish evening in Hollywood for New Year’s eve. Then, at the last minute, the young couple decided what was best for them was to have a chill evening together, away from all the craziness and fanfare. 

One source explains:

“Rob and Kristen decided to go to a house party in Los Feliz. They wanted to bring in the new year with some close friends and have a low-key night. They originally planned to have a five course meal at Rob’s favorite West Hollywood hotel The Palihouse, but decided to do something more intimate.”

Now, because we do not have picture proof of Robsten on NYE, we cannot verify that this is right or wrong. However, from what Robsten has done previously, I do think this seems to be more up their alley. :)


Possible On The Road European Premiere Date?

The speculation and rumors regarding On The Road seem to be trickling in now that the film is near completion and the world’s most important and pretegious film festivals are nearing. One French source is listing On The Road to have a European release date of May 23, 2012. This would not only give us a date to work with, but it would also put it in a prime position to premiere at Cannes Film Festival. Here’s to wishful thinking! :)