Details of Rob Filming Life Today

Check out this account of Rob and Dane DeHaan filming Life today in Toronto .. I especially love the part about Rob eating a Subway sandwich hahaha!

Filming took place today in the Downtown Core at a Building ridden with Bedbug problems in the past, with both external and internal shoots taking place for much of the afternoon.  As a torrential downpour of sloshy wet snow handicapped the City midday, the Shoot moved indoors where a Movie Premiere scene within the Film had commenced.

Appearing in the Scene is  Academy Award Winner Sir Ben Kingsley, who was reported as having flown into the City for the Film earlier this week, cast as Canadian-born Studio Executive Jack Warner. Spending much of his day in his Trailer, the mustached Thespian was guided along with a Handler under an umbrella, dressed warmly in a green Canada Goose Parka.  ”I’m afraid you will take my Photo and show it to your Friends on the Internet!”, said Kingsley when asked by Fans to pose for a Group Photo.  Despite declining to pose for a Photo, upon returning for a Touch-Up later in the day, he threw a quick wave to Fans.

Meanwhile DeHaan, who plays Dean in the ’50s-set LIFE, was enjoying the Olympics in his Trailer. He had an earlier wrap, seen heading home in a Plaid Jacket, Toque and Glasses.

The Film’s Star, Pattinson, was spotted smoking a cigarette in a hidden area of the Building he was filming at in the afternoon, later retiring to his Trailer for a six-hour-long break which saw him lunching on a Subway Sandwich, craving a large bag of Potato Chips in the evening brought to him by his Assistant.  The handsome 27-year-old British Actor who plays the Lead Role of Stock,  donned a Canada Goose Parka and was seen exiting quietly, his hood concealing his face. His Private Bodyguard Dean aided him along to his vehicle, narrowly avoiding a serious fall on the extremely slippery footing.  Fortunately he made it unscathed and fall-free to a late night of filming!

Source: Mr. Will Wong

Pictures of Rob from Yesterday’s Life Set – Feb 18

Unfortunately, the bulk of these set pictures were taken by paparazzi, and according to our NO PAP POLICY, we will not be sharing them. However, I can direct you to RPLife who has a full, glorious gallery of Rob looking so dapper as Dennis Stock in Life. Looks pretty cold there, too!

We are posting these pics because they were uploaded by the source via Twitter … I hope that’s okay for you guys ;)


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#RobertPattinson week is live! Here’s a few pics for now. Get the #galndr app for the full set! #rpattz #Robsessed

Source: Twitter / hollywoodminute / galndr

New Picture of Rob at Life Costume Fitting

And so it begins! Rob has gone from Morocco to Toronto … wonder if he’s jetlagged? Life begins filming soon, so it makes sense that Rob’s in town to start rehearsals. Here’s a super adorable pic of him getting fitted for his role as Dennis Stock.


Antonio Valente will be dressing movie stars Sir Ben Kingsley and Robert Pattinson in custom made shirts to be worn in Anton Corbijn’s upcoming James Dean biopic, Life.

Take a look at heartthrob Robert Pattinson at his fitting.

Source: Antonio Valente

Rob’s Life Gets Australian Financing

Dane DeHaan Robert Pattinson Split - H 2013

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that an Australian financier, Screen Australia, will be funding the James Dean biopic, Life.

SYDNEY – Robert Pattinson-starrer Life was one of four features, four adult TV dramas and one children’s TV series to receive a total of AUS$11 million ($9.9 million) in funding from Screen Australia, the agency announced Friday.

The investments by the agency, the first under newly installed CEO Graeme Mason, will trigger around $63.3 million worth of production.

Life, the latest feature from director Anton Corbijn and See Saw Films, tells the story of a freelance photographer, Dennis Stock, on assignment for Life Magazine, and his unlikely friendship with the actor James Dean. Co-starring Dane DeHaan, Life is a German/Canadian/Australian co-production from Australian writer Luke Davies. Producers are Emile Sherman, Iain Canning, Christina Piovesan, Benito Mueller and Wolfgang Mueller. Transmission Films is the Australian-New Zealand distributor while Film Nation is handling international sales.

Source: THR