Hilarious Captions for Rob’s Adorable Moves at the MMA’s

Here are some photos of Rob during the MMA’s with specific captions made by ROBsessed..I’d list out the specific parts but he was basically in the entire show! haha Maybe it should’ve been called The Robert Pattinson Show..or even The Twilight Awards since Twilight dominated!! I saw somewhere this morning someone said MTV stands for More Twilight Victory! haha Love it! The writer of these captions is hilarious! Enjoy loves! :)

You put your right leg in…

 I’m a little teapot, short and stout…

 Here’s my handle… Reese where’s my stout?

 Oh, there it is…

 Gimme a break I’m trying here! It said ad-lib

For more captions and cute pictures of Rob, click here!

Jason Sudeikis Plays Word Association With Robert Pattinson

MTV Movie Awards host of 2011, Jason Sudeikis, plays word assocation with MTV’s Josh Horowitz. Jason says a word to describe every celebrity on Josh’s list. When he hears Robert Pattinson, he can’t help but say more than one word. Three to be exact…watch and find out what he said!


Live Streams for MTV Movie Awards 2011

Livestreams for this year’s MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, June 5th:
The show starts at 6pm PST/9am EST (3am Central Europe, June 6th).
Red Carpet Coverage starts at 4.30pm PST/7.30pm EST (1.30am Central Europe).
MTV US will cover the show at 6pm PST/9am EST. Red Carpet starts at 4.30pm PST/7.30pm EST

Popsugar will live stream from the Red Carpet here.

(For Asia, Europe, and Australia times, head over to Robsteners!)

MMA Host Jason Sudeikis Really Likes Kristen Stewart

In a recent interview with MTV’s host, Jason Sudeikis, the discussion of Kristen Stewart came about. He talked about how cool it was to work with Kristen for the Movie Awards promotion, “I really liked Kristen Stewart…she was super quiet and had this cool dog…she’s much stronger in character than I am.”

Here’s the interview … Forward to 0:38.

Breaking Dawn Part One Trailer!

The Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer will premiere at the MTV Movie Awards 2011 this June!  I’m trying to get tickets to this .. it will be ABSOLUTELY amazing to not only see the Twi trio “in person”, but it will also be incredible to witness the R/K Best Kiss for the third time in a row ;)

Source via RPLife

Let’s recap last year’s: