Which Look Did You Like Best?

Which Kristen look from this weekend did you like? Vote here.

Kristen Stewart might be one of young Hollywood’s most elusive stars, but when she makes an appearance, she makes it worthwhile. This past week alone, KStew hit the red carpet for two events (and almost shared a kiss with Robert Pattinson at one of them!). On Sunday, she attended the MTV Movie Awards, where she helped debut the new “Breaking Dawn” trailer (how awesome was that?), and then she flew to London for the Glamour Women of the Year awards (quite the jet-setter she is!).

Now, for most people, the jet-lag alone would be enough to drag down their red carpet style, but that wasn’t the case for Kristen, who looked fresh and fab at both events in very different looks (albeit from the same designer). At the Movie Awards, Kristen caught everyone’s eye in a bold Balmain strapless red dress adorned with safety pins and accessorized with black heels. She changed it up for the Glamour Women of the Year awards (although she stuck to strapless and Balmain), wearing a white printed dress paired with matching heels.

While we like that Kristen mixed it up, we’re torn about which style we’d prefer to see her in more. Kristen’s Movie Awards dress was totally edgy and full of rock star attitude, while her Glamour Women of the Year awards ensemble was much more chic and elegant. So we’re leaving it to you to decide: Which look do you like best?


Video of Rob, Kristen, & Taylor Watching BD Trailer at MMA’s

You can see Kristen being playful with Rob after the cameras go to the big screen! Adorable! It’s cool watching them watch the trailer for the first time. Kristen keeps leaning way over to see the whole trailer. I wonder what the trio thinks of the first trailer!

MORE PDA For After Party Robsten

So I don’t know about you guys, I was a little disappointed in the Best Kiss performance. It was funny that Rob went in for the Taylor kiss (TAYBERT!), but I was really hoping for a ROBSTEN kiss ;). However, my disappointment changed when I read this E!Online article which talked about Robsten behind closed doors at the MMAs. I think its finally hit me that Robsten isn’t a public thing; its a private thing. Its what they do behind closed doors thats important .. ;)

It’s Robsten like we’ve never seen ‘em!

Despite having won Best Kiss (duh) and once again opting out of an on-stage acceptance smooch, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart did indulge in some major PDA at the MTV Movie Awards afterparty at Soho House in West Hollywood:

Yup, it was all there and they weren’t afraid to show it off…in public!

Rob and Kristen kept walking away from the crowds to have private moments with each other,” a fellow partygoer dishes to us. “Kristen was showing Rob something on her cell phone and the two were laughing about it. He couldn’t keep his hands off her, and she was smiling the entire time. They were definitely enjoying themselves at the party.”

And after K.Stew changed out of her red leather Balmain mini dress she wore to the show, the starlet got comfy by throwing on her signature checkered sneakers, black skinny jeans, and a ripped white T-shirt that exposed her black bra. Rob rocked jeans and a baseball cap to attend the swanky after bash.

Rob and Kristen seemed really comfortable with each other and with showing their affection in public,” adds our eyewitness. “At one point, they sat down at a table with Emma Stone and her friends and kept playfully touching each other and stealing quick kisses throughout the convo. Both were in great spirits.

And while the couple refused to give us all the public on-stage smooch at the MTV Movie Awards we’ve all been waiting (and voting) for, it was during the commercial breaks when the cameras weren’t rolling and the lights were dimmed that Robsten got fully comfortable with each other.

After they presented an award, Rob and Kristen stayed on-stage where they held hands and he kept drawing her closer to him,” an MTV attendee tells us. “But as soon as the lights went up, they scurried off stage.

Guess what Rob said in his Best Kiss acceptance speech is true—he really couldn’t wait to get his lady backstage!

Good thing we have another two years (hello, Breaking Dawn, Parts I and II) for these two to be nominated.

Come on Robsten, give the people what they want!