Robsten In Love

That above us ladies and gentleman..says sex is on both of their minds. This look could quite possibly make up for Robsten’s non-kiss during the awards.
And this…is perfectly romantic.
Holding hands ..
Mimic-ing each other .. like ALWAYS!
Kristen standing comfortably close to Rob during BD Trailer Presentation
Dawww ;)
Rob attempting to kiss Kristen w/ a REJECTION!
They just can’t help holding hands again and again :)

Best Kiss Award: Rob Kisses…Taylor?!?

This is definitely unexpected…and definitely disappointing!! BUT here’s the footage!

OH look Rob and Kristen won….
 Wait, why is Rob near Taylor’s face?
 OH, that’s because Kristen doesn’t want to kiss Rob on TV…what the crap?!?!?!?
“Come here you” Rob is thinking..
“Ha ha ha…no way in hell HONEY..go away now” Kristen thinks back

Backstage we go! ;)

Rob’s Acceptance Speech(es)

Here is Rob’s Best Male Performance speech including a bashful look from Kristen ;)
And here is his acceptance speech for Best Fight! .. he says to BDH, “I ripped your head off .. and now you’re pregnant!” .. the camera cuts to Kristen mouthing .. “WHAT?”

MTV Movie Awards Tonight!

In case you weren’t aware, the MTV Movie Awards air tonight at 9/8c on none other than MTV (who knew?). Head on over to our MTV Movie Awards MASTER POST for links to the live streams provided by PopSugar, MTV, and The Breaking Dawn trailer will probably be airing in the last fourth of the show; however, Rob’s award for Best Male Performance is scheduled to go in the first segment!

In other news, MTV Movie Awards is trending now! Let’s keep it going! So excited for tonight! Stay tuned for pics of Robert and Kristen as they arrive!

Everything You Need for MTV Movie Awards!

Here is a master post of all the information you need for tomorrow’s MTV Movie Awards! Be sure to bookmark this page to watch the live red carpet feeds from Popsugar and MTV and to watch/rewatch the Breaking Dawn trailer after its been released on IMDb!

You already know that tomorrow’s MTV Movie Awards will bring forth the first The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 trailer, as presented by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, and you also know that the cast and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse itself are up for several awards . . . but there are a few other details to share before the event, so here we go!

First of all, the Breaking Dawn trailer is expected to hit near the end of the show. The cast, however, will be presenting a couple of different things earlier on. For instance, Taylor Lautner is expected to participate in the intro (see video explaining “Act 1″ plans) for host Jason Sudeikis; also, Robert Pattinson will present the Generation Award to his Water For Elephants co-star Reese Witherspoon . Seats for the three were spotted by E! Online’s Marc Malkin yesterday.

Also, according to Jackson Rathbone and Elizabeth Reaser, there’ll be a special Twilight surprise released during the red carpet pre-show for the event, which starts at 7:30 p.m. EST. Hollywood Crush summarized their hints as to what the surprise might be with the following quotes:

Jackson Rathbone : “You’re gonna see something ultra special at the red carpet . . . something you’ve been waiting years for.”

Elizabeth Reaser : “Is it possible there was a butterfly or something involved? . . . I assume that there would be some lavender . . . It is the most coveted [REDACTED!] in town.”

Rathbone also had a little fun (see video) with the nominated lines for “Best Line from a Movie” before explaining that there is a moment in Breaking Dawn which made him feel especially fulfilled “as an actor.”

Finally, there are two livestreams you’ll want to be aware of (see videos), from PopSugar and MTV . . . Also, MTV has sent out two requests – the first, for trailer reaction videos; the second, for Robert Pattinson and other cast questions (send those to @JoshuaHorowitz). And, if you’re looking for where to view the trailer just after it debuts at the MTV Movie Awards, here’s the answer: has set up a special website for Breaking Dawn, and they will host the trailer right after the show at

By the way, today is the last day to vote, so be sure to get yours in!