What Ever Happened to that Italy Kiss Footage?

Sex on Fire + photos of R/K’s epic Italy kiss = HOTNESS!

I was wondering where the footage of this kiss went .. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t include this kiss .. I mean that kiss in the hallway was still pretty hot, but Kristen running and then jumping into Rob’s arms to “seal with a righteous kiss a dateless bargain to engrossing death!” would have been even HOTTER (.. oh yeah .. they had to keep it PG13 .. DAMN IT!)

Don’t mind me .. I’m just a hopeless romantic ;)

Kristen on Jimmy Fallon (New Moon)

It’s nearly impossible to find this interview anywhere (YouTube, Jimmy Fallon’s website, etc), so I thought that since I finally found it, I’d post it here for you guys ;) I absolutely love Jimmy Fallon .. he is such a funny guy and really knows how to make his guests feel comfortable!

Part 1:
Here’s the Bon Iver video they mention @5:54
Part 2:

Kristen Loves Vancouver

In a new! magazine article, Kristen talks about how much she loved shooting the Twilight movies in different countries. Specifically, she grew a liking to the gorgeous Vancouver area because of its “natural beauty.” I had the chance to go there over Spring Break and I have to side with Kristen. I have never left a destination in tears because I wanted to stay longer!

Kristen Stewart has revealed one of the best things about starring in the ‘Twilight’ movies was getting to film in so many great countries, especially Canada.

Kristen Stewart fell in love with Vancouver while she was shooting the ‘Twilight’ movies.
The 21-year-old actress – who recently finished filming the final scenes for the two ‘Breaking Dawn’ movies in the city and Squamish, British Columbia – admits it was a great experience to shoot in the Canadian city because it has so much natural beauty.

She said: “We shot most of the ‘Twilight’ series in Vancouver. I fell in love with it – it’s such a beautiful city. I found the climate so different from what I’m used to in Los Angeles. The air is clean and fresh and there are beautiful mountain views everywhere. But I didn’t get to go out as much as I would have liked.” 

Vancouver isn’t the only place to have captured her heart during the filming of the vampire movie franchise.

Kristen – who is dating her co-star Robert Pattinson – also loved shooting the second movie in the series in Italy and she especially enjoyed the European country’s food.

She explained to new! magazine: “When we shot ‘Twilight: New Moon’ in Italy, I tried all different kinds of pasta dishes – Alfredo, fettuccine with cream, basil and Romano cheese – and gnocchi with seafood. I suddenly took an interest in cooking. It was amazing! It’s now my favourite cuisine.”

Source via FireceBitchStew

Twilight & New Moon Songs On Sale!

iTunes is doing a special right now on Movie Songs and several of the songs are from Twilight and New Moon. So, if you haven’t already bought the songs, now is a good chance to do so, especially since they are only $0.69 per song!

  • Decode by Paramore (from Twilight soundtrack)
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  • Satellite Heart by Anya Marina (from New Moon soundtrack)
Check out the other genres listed. Lots of good music, for cheap!