‘On The Road’ NYC Premiere Pocket Guide

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Press Junket- Dec 12th

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‘On The Road’ US Premiere Pocket Guide

Kristen at TIFF for ‘On The Road’ Pocket Guide

Pictures, Videos, etc


  • Videos
    • Access Hollywood: Red carpet interview. “Its not about being rebellious; its about being yourself.”
    • Access Hollywood: Press junket. Talk how OTR is received better with this generation. “What about your future projects? K: I don’t have any.”
    • Canadian Press: Red carpet interview. Talks about reading On The Road as a child and wanting to surround herself by those kind of people
    • Canada AM: Press junket.
    • CBC: Red carpet interview. Talk about how OTR resonates with this generation, and preparing for nudity
    • Cineplex: Press junket.
    • CityTV: Red carpet interview. “Its so okay to be yourself. I can’t even begin to tell you.”
    • CityTV: Press junket. Kristen and Garrett talk about the NYE dance scene, stunt driving, nudity/sex scenes
    • Entertainment Tonight: Red carpet interview. Kristen talks about the fans in attendance and her devotion to the role. Garrett chimes in saying, “she’s fearless when it comes to this and that can be a rarity.”
    • eTalk: Red carpet & press junket. Talk Beatnik Bootcamp, living in a free (liberated) society, & more! Comments briefly on her broken finger saying, “I’m clumsy”
    • ExtraTV: Kristen and Garret talk about preparing for the threesome scene and later, Kristen comments about the fan support.
    • MSN Canada: Press junket. Kristen and Garrett talk about when they fell in love with OTR, the differences between Kristen and Marylou, &  how she got to understand her character
    • MTV: Red carpet interview. Talks about the fan support and Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer. “I don’t like cats. I’m a dog person. You know what I’m sayin’?” *Adorable moment at end of 2nd clip*
    • MTV: Press Junket. Kristen talks about “diehard” Kerouac fans, and the two different versions of OTR
    • Popsugar: Red carpet interview. Talks about the pressures of taking on the role as Marylou.
    • Scott Feinberg: Press junket. Long, 24 min interview.
    • Screenslam: Red carpet interview. Kristen and Garrett talk about what inspired them about On The Road, Beatnik Bootcamp, and more!
    • Showbizz 411: Kristen mentions how proud she is to be a part of the OTR cast.
    • Tribute.ca: Kristen and Garrett talk about preparing for On The Road, the chemistry between Sam, Garrett and Kristen, and what drove Kristen want to be an actress
    • Vanity Fair: Press junket. Talks about acquiring the role as Marylou
    • Yahoo!: Kristen and Garret talk about how surreal it was to be apart of OTR
  • Press (Articles)
    • ETCanada: Kristen talks about being proud of OTR, how fun it was to shoot, and being a fan of the book
    • Globe and Mail
    • Instyle: Mentions OTR costume designer.
    • MetroNews: Kristen talks about the treatment of the female characters in OTR, the pressures of taking on a famous character, and answers a couple twitter questions.
    • Movieline
    • Showbizz411: Kristen & Jennifer Lawrence hang out at SoHo House Party
    • Toronto Star: Kristen says that working on OTR opened her up.
    • USAToday
    • Washington Post: Kristen speaks about her appreciation for her fans, what it means for her to play Marylou, and mentions how BDP2 promotions will be.

Cannes 2012 Pocket Guide

‘On the Road’

Photocall & Press Conference:

  • ‘On the Road’ Photocall and Press Conference Master Post (May 23, 2012) – Includes HQs, MQs, Screencaps from Livestream, Tweets about PressCon, & FULL Videos of Photocall and PressCon! (Kristen gets asked about Rob, too!)
  • More HQs of Kristen & Cast at Photocall
  • More HQs of Kristen at Press Conference


  • ‘On the Road’ Premiere Master Post (May 23, 2012) - Includes HQs, MQs, Screencaps from Livestream, Pics of Robsten inside the theater, cast pictures, and videos of Rob and Kristen walking the red carpet and Rob’s RC interview!
  • ‘OTR’ Gets 4 Minutes Standing Ovation After the Screening – Videos of emotional cast!
  • Pictures of Kristen & Cast Leaving the Screening
  • Pictures of Rob Arriving at ‘OTR’ Premiere
  • Fan Pictures of Rob and Kristen at the ‘OTR’ After Party (Robust butt being guarded by Rob…) / More / Rob Pic with Kristen’s Mom!
  • Pictures of Rob and Kristen Leaving ‘OTR’ After Party!
  • Rob and Kristen Cuddling & Kissing at ‘OTR’ After Party (May 23,2012) – VIDEOS, HQs, & MQs …. BFD BFD BFD!
  • Picture of Kristen with ‘One and Only’ Author Gerry Nicosia
Interviews & Other News:
  • Kristen Talking About Her “Surreal” Experience at Cannes in Deadline Interview 
  • Kristen Tells 24 Frames Kerouac Changed Her Life
  • Kristen Arriving in France (May 22, 2012)
  • Kristen Leaving the Pre-Cannes ‘OTR’ Party (May 22, 2012)
  • Picture of Kristen Doing Press in Cannes (May 24)
  • Kristen’s Interview with Coming Soon Italy (May 24)
  • Kristen, Garrett, and Sam Riley Interview with E! 
  • Kristen Arriving at Cannes for ‘OTR’ Press May 25, 2012
  • Kristen’s Radio Interview with La W Radio (Colombia)
  • Kristen and Cast’s Interview with Associated Press
  • Kristen’s Interview with Getty - Talks about working with Walter Salles & Rupert Sanders, OTR, Difference between her and Marylou, & Choosing her roles
  • Kristen’s Video Interview with Allocine – Talks Loving to Read and Being a Follower
  • Fan Picture with Kristen and OTR Cast
  • Pictures of Kristen Doing Interviews (May 25) / Kristen, Garrett, and Sam Photoshoot at Cannes / Another Picure of the Trio in People Magazine
  • Kristen & OTR Cast Interview with La chronique du festival
  • Kristen + OTR Cast Interview with Globo Fantastico
  • Kristen’s Interview with AP – Talks OTR
  • Kristen (and Rob’s) Interview with Sky Cine News – Rapidfire Questions & their relationship
  • Kristen’s Interview with 2DF – Talks about Rob “I want him to win”
  • Kristen’s Interview with France 24
  • Kristen’s Interview with Noticias Caracol
  • Kristen’s Interview with STV
  • Kristen’s ‘OTR’ Syndicated Interview / More of the Interview
  • Kristen and OTR Cast Interview with Pathe` – Kristen talks passionately about Marylou – must see!
  • Picture of Kristen Leaving France (May 26) / BeanieStew Landing In LAX (May 26)


Photocall and Press Conference:

  • Photocall Master Post (May 25, 2012)- Includes HQs, Fan Pictures, Tweets, and VIDEOS of interview after photocall and Rob posting for pictures!
  • Press Conference Master Post (May 25, 2012)- Includes HQs, Fan Pictures, Tweets, and VIDEOS of FULL Press Conference, Rob entering/leaving, and more!
  • More Press Conference HQs (Gorgeous Headshots of Rob!)


  • ‘Cosmopolis’ Premiere Master Post (May 25, 2012) – Includes HQs of Rob and Kristen’s Arrivals, Robsten cuddling inside the theater (!!!), leaving the screening, plus videos of livestream and MORE!
  • Rob and Kristen Arriving at ‘Cosmopolis’ After Party (holding hands!) / Arriving at Hotel / More of Robsten Leaving After Party / More of Rob
  • ‘Cosmopolis’ After Party Tweets and FanPics of Rob and About Robsten
  • Black & White Photos of Rob at Photocall, Interviews & Premiere (STUNNING photos taken by Caitlyn Cronenberg)
  • More Videos from the Premiere – Includes Videos of Kristen Clapping for the Movie
  • New MQs of Kristen Arriving at ‘Cosmopolis’ Premiere

Interviews & Other News:

  • Picture of Rob Doing Interview with Metro France (May 24)
  • Rob on Le Grand Journal with Sarah Gadon – Screencaps, Videos, HQs, and Fan Pics (May 24) / Rob and Sarah Gadon Photo Session (taking pics of each other!) / More HQs from the show!
  • Rob and Cronenberg Video Interview with Canal +
  • Info: Rob and Cronenberg To Do Q&A in London June 1
  • Rob’s Interview with T1 – Talks about Cosmopolis
  • Rob’s Interview with TG5 – Mentions Kristen
  • Rob’s Interview with TF1 – Talks the mystery of Cosmopolis and his “amazing” career
  • Pictures of Rob and Interviewers from Cannes ‘Cosmopolis’ Press Interviews / More
  • Rob’s Appearance/Interview on France 2’s Journal 20 (May 25) – Screencaps / Video
  • Rob’s Interview with France 3 (with Cronenberg)
  • Rob’s Interview with RAI – Talks about his character Eric Packer
  • Rob’s Interview with TG1 – Talks about Eric Packer and his views on the world/life  (really enjoyable to watch him talk about himself in this one!)
  • 2012 Cannes Portraits of Rob
  • Rob’s Written Interview with USA Today – Talks about NOT being in THG & Being Excited to be in Cannes / More of Interview + Video of it!
  • Pictures of Rob Doing Interviews in Cannes (May 26)
  • Pictures of Rob at Reese Witherspoon’s Movie ‘Mud’ at Cannes (May 26)
  • Pictures of Rob with Dean in Cannes (May 26)
  • Rob’s Interview with RTL (translation included) – talks Cosmopolis script and being with Kristen in Cannes
  • Rob’s Written Interview with Liberation Next (France) – Talks paps, his methods for Cosmopolis, and Choices after Twilight
  • Rob’s Written Interview with Huffington Post – Talks Kristen, His Expectations at Cannes, His Bodyguard and Twilight
  • Rob’s Written Interview with Viva-Press UK – Talks How’s He’s Changed, Best Part of Fame, and Being Followed
  • Rob and Cronenberg’s Video Interview with Portugal’s National TV
  • Rob’s Written Interview with Le Figaro – Talks Kristen, Cannes, and Edward Cullen
  • Rob and Cronenberg’s Video Interview with BFMTV – Talks About How Twilight Made Cosmopolis and Jokes About Cosmopolis Sequels
  • Rob’s Video Interview with Allocine  – Talks Not Understanding Cosmopolis and Scenes That Were Interesting to Film
  • Rob’s Interview with @zoomin – Talks Cosmopolis, OTR, and Quitting Smoking
  • Rob’s Interview with ShowBiz411 – Talks Kristen
  • Rob’s (and Kristen’s) Interview with Sky Cine News – Rapidfire Questions & their relationship
  • Rob’s Interview with Noticias Caracol (Colombia)
  • Rob’s Written Interview with Shortlist – Wants More Mature Career
  • Rob’s Interview from Cannes RAVING about Kristen’s acting prior to ‘Twilight’ (MUST SEE)
  • Rob’s Interview with Pure Channel – Talking about learning the script word for word
  • Rob’s Interview with STV
  • Rob’s Interview with Scoop with Raya – talks about nervewrecking parts about Cannes
  • Rob’s Interview with Cinematrix – Talks about low budget movies and working with David