Admin Post: Melissa’s Paris Adventures

Hey All!

It’s me again! I can’t believe its been almost 5 1/2 weeks since the last time I really got to talk to y’all. Although Paris has treated me well (a little too well), I’ve been counting down these last few days in anticipation to get back to this little website and all of the beautiful people that visit it every day. I thought you’d all be interested in me giving you a little write up of my European adventures, so without further ado, here is my account:



‘On The Road’ Screening Schedule at the New Zealand International Film Festival

The New Zealand International Film Festival (NZFF) has begun announcing the schedule for its 2012 Festival. So far, ‘On The Road’ is slated to screen in a few of the NZFF’s regions. We will update the schedule if and when more dates become available.
Visit for more information.


Auckland Ticket Info

Wellington Ticket Info

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