Kristen, Sam Riley, and Garrett Hedlund Part 1 of Screenslam Interview

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ON THE ROAD KRISTEN SAM GARRETT INTERVIEW (Video) – Kristen Stewart, Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund sat down exclusively with Screenslam to talk about their upcoming drama On the Road. The cast share the challenges they had to conquer in order to become their characters. They spoke about having to take what they learned about the characters and apply it to their acting without letting it get in the way of their performance. Stewart compares her earlier role of playing Joan Jett in The Runaways to her role in On The Road as Marylou.

“It’s not for everyone, which is kind of the heart of the story. They’re not necessarily going to be able to roll with every crowd. I don’t find them to be rebellious. I think they’re just really truly being who they are, and they don’t fit in. ” – Kristen Stewart


Walter Salles Chooses Soundtrack For OTR Red Carpet in Cannes

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The time is coming! Finally the whole team gathered in Cannes. Walter Salles now have to choose the soundtrack to the red carpet after tomorrow. It is a very special moment.The choice must be made between one of the songs from the soundtrack. If you were,Walter choose what music track to the entrance of the cast and crew on the carpet galatonight? We will post here some of the songs that are in the running! Give opinions!Participate!



OTR Cannes After Party on May 23

May 23: After party “On the Road” at the Magic Garden meets Baron
Alongside club ephemeral Club Silencio David Lynch on the roof of the Five Hotel, The Magic Garden meets The Baron (formerly known as Jimmy'z nightclub) will be one of the leading clubs in Cannes 2012. On 23 May he will be giving the after party of the highly anticipated film by Walter Salles On the road , where you should cross including Kirsten Dunst and Kristen Stewart. / Magicgardencannes



Making of ‘On The Road’: Interview with Gerald Nicosia + New Pics From BootCamp

The Daily Beat: One of the pictures you shared – the one taken by Lu Anne Henderson’s (Marylou in On The Road) daughter, Anne Marie Santos – shows you on the set of the movie. How much time did you spend on the movie set, and what was your role?

Gerald Nicosia: Well I was at Beat Boot Camp, the first drill instructor, in a big loft in Montreal, in July 2010, but that was before shooting started. I was working intensively with the actors Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund, and Sam Riley, as well as talking with Walter and answering questions from various members of the crew, such as the cinematographer Eric Gautier—one of the sweetest men I ever met—and the wardrobe guy, Danny Glicker, who was also very sweet and carried his little dog (it might have been a Pomeranian) with him everywhere. That was three days and nights of solid work. Then I was on the set for a day in December in San Francisco, just before they wrapped the shoot. But I talked with Walter several times on the phone in between, exchanged emails with him, and gave him several pages of detailed notes on the script.

The Daily Beat: Tell us about your working relationship with Salles and with the actors.

Gerald Nicosia: Well, it was playing tapes, showing photos, answering questions, and just rapping with them. Some of the best stuff took place in the bar of the St.-Sulpice Hotel in Montreal, where we were all staying. Everybody let down, and I really got to know Kristen, Sam, and Garrett—or at least got to know little pieces of them. I liked them all very much—thought they were all very real people, with very real connections to Kerouac and ON THE ROAD. Sam and Garrett drank pretty heavily, and they all smoked heavily—it might have been Gauloises. I was a little bit of a Dutch uncle with them, telling the “kids” they better take care of themselves, and of course they disregarded me and thought I was talking nonsense about adverse health effects many years down the line. Old age versus youth. But seriously, they all had serious stuff in their heads. Kristen was concerned about the plight of veterans—the current crop from Iraq and Afghanistan—and wants to play a disabled female vet. We talked about my book HOME TO WAR. Sam talked about how hard it was to transition from being a good-time music man in a rock band to having to be a heavy-duty lead actor, all because he auditioned for the role of Ian Curtis in CONTROL. Garrett made clear that he was still breaking away from that Minnesota farm he’d grown up on.

The Daily Beat: Can you tell us how accurately the script and the actors interpreted Kerouac, Cassady, and Marylou?

Gerald Nicosia: I don’t know—I haven’t seen the film yet, but they really wanted to do a good job. In fact, they were worrying too much about getting their parts with complete accuracy. I told them to lighten up, to take some of that pressure off, and just to try to convey the hearts, the open-heartedness, of those characters, to a public who didn’t really know them—and that would be enough.

You can read the full interview at The Daily Beat



Screenslam Announces ‘On the Road’ Week May 21-25

ON THE ROAD MOVIE INTERVIEWS – Join us next week from May 21 – May 25 for our  On the Road week. We’re giving you the exclusive look into our sit down interview with stars Kristen StewertGarrett Hedlund, and Sam Riley as they tell us about their newest movie On the Road, directed by Walter Sallus. The cast tells you about their journey through connecting to their characters personality and the 70′s generation and culture they immersed themselves in. We will be releasing footage to you as part of a 5 day interview series every day, starting Monday, May 21.

“I didn’t want to do anything after this. It raises the bar for, of course the work that you do, but just the experiences that you want to have and why you do the work you do.” – Kristen Stewert

“I don’t think there’s a director that could have done it the same way Walter did it. He was so immersed, I think he invested so much of himself and his life into understanding these people.” – Sam Riley