Australia: SWATH Promo Pocket Guide


  • Master Post for Sydney, Australia Snow White Premiere (June 19, 2012): HQs, fanpics, adorable fan encounter, and videos!
  • Video interviews from the premiere

Interviews & Others News

  • Kristen Arrives in Australia (June 17)
  • Kristen Out & About in Sydney (June 18)
  • Pictures of Kristen and Chris During Press Junket Interviews
  • New SWATH Portraits of Kristen, Chris, and Rupert Sanders / More at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Sydney
  • Kristen and Chris’s DirtTV Interview – talks about how she nailed her accent
  • Kristen and Chris’s 10 News Interview – jokes about crying while riding Rusty (her SWATH horse), + she’s seen pap pics of Chris holding his newborn!
  • Kristen and Chris’s Today Australia Interview – talks about Breaking Dawn Part 2 & Mackenzie Foy!
  • Kristen’s Interview on Sunrise on 7 – talks about BD and SWATH
  • Various Kristen Media Quotes from Australian SWATH Press Junket
  • Kristen and Rupert’s Interview with The Fix – talks about her English accent muse
  • Kristen and Chris’s Mornings 9 Interview – Kristen says she’s reading ’50 Shades’ and possibly doing a RomCom
  • Kristen’s Interview with MTV Australia – says Rob is welcome to join SWATH cast!
  • Kristen and Chris’s Interview on “Hot 30 Countdown” (Audio)
  • Kristen and Chris’s Interview on “2DayFM” (Audio)
  • Kristen’s Interview on ZM (Audio) – Says Cali films in August!
  • Kristen, Chris, and Rupert’s Interview with AAP
  • Kristen and Chris’s Interview with The Sydney Morning Herald / Kristen and Rupert Interview with SMH (Written)
  • Kristen’s Written Interview with
  • New Picture of Kristen and Chris from Press Junket (6/20)
  • Kristen and Chris’s Radio Interview with Mix 94.5 (Audio)
  • Kristen and Chris’s Interviews with Marc Fennell – talks about reading about herself on the internet
  • Kristen and Chris’s Interview with The Hot Hits
  • Kristen and Chris on Kyle and Jackie O Radio Show – Pics, audio, and video!
  • Kristen and Chris on Lisa, Paul, and Baz Radio Show – Pics and Audio!
  • Kristen and Chris’s Interview with The Loop
  • Kristen and Rupert’s Written Interviews with The West Australian
  • Kristen and Chris’s Interview with News on ABC

US: SWATH Promo Pocket Guide


  • Master Post: Screening at Mann's Village Theatre in Westwood, CA (May 29, 2012) – HQs of her arrival and posing with Sam Clafin & Rupert Sanders and Fan Pictures!
  • Master Post: MTV Sneak Peek of SWATH Fan Event (May 29, 2012) – HQs of Kristen and Sam Clafin posing for press and Q&A with Josh Horowitz, plus fan pictures, fan videos, and complete interview from!  
  • Master Post: Kristen on The Today Show in NYC (May 31, 2012)- HQs, fan pics, and full video interview!
  • Master Post: Kristen on Live with Kelly in NYC (May 31, 2012) – HQs, fan pics, and full video interview!

pan style=”text-decoration: underline;”>ALL LA SWATH Screening Interviews in this post!

  • Interview with ABC News/Popcorn (Peter Travis) (more like a talk show setting) – SUCH a cute interview, very relaxed setting!
  • Kristen's LA Times Interview / More from LA Times (Kristen talks about how she feels about her privacy)
  • Kristen Tells E! Online How She'd Be as a Babysitter for Charlize's Son
  • Kristen and Chris's Interview with My Fox Atlanta
  • Kristen and Chris's Interview with AZ Family (Phoenix)
  • Kristen and Chris's Interview with Good Day NYC
  • AM Northwest – Kristen and Chris have fun imitating Chris's new baby and make fun of Charlize!
  • Interview with CTV
  • Kristen and Chris's Interview with Fox 25 Boston
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