Rob Heads to Queen of the Desert Set

It’s official! Rob finally heads over to Morocco to shoot Queen of the Desert alongside Nicole Kidman, and Damian Lewis!



Nicole Kidman Replaces Naomi Watts in Queen of the Desert

According to E!, Nicole Kidman will replace Naomi Watts in Queen of the Desert. E! interviewed Nicole at Variety’s Power of Women event where she talked about Queen of the Desert and working/meeting Rob.

Nicole Kidman underestimates Robert Pattinson‘s rabid Twilight fan base.

If you haven’t heard by now, the Oscar winner is likely replacing her bestie Naomi Watts to star opposite Pattinson in Queen of the Desert, a period piece about British writer, traveler, archeologist and spy Gertrude Bell.

“That’s OK, I’ll be ready,” Kidman told me about the Twi-fans when I caught up with her Variety‘s Power of Women event on Friday. “I think they’ll have a tough time finding us over there in Morocco, won’t they?”

Kidman did admit she still isn’t officially attached to the project. “It’s not all signed, sealed and delivered,” she said. “But…it’s certainly in rapid sort of motion.”

E! News was the first to tell you that Watts was stepping away from the Werner Herzog-directed film.

“It’s still a way’s off,” she told us back in January 2012 at the Sundance Film Festival. “I don’t know yet. Hopefully, it will happen. I just can’t travel again right now because I did a lot of traveling last year. It’s been a big year and it’s time for me to be home with the kids.”

Pattinson is to play British Army officer T.A. Lawrence. Earlier this year, James Franco replaced Jude Law as the male led of the movie, British diplomat Henry Cadogan.

Source: E! Online

James Franco Mentions Queen of the Desert and Rob

Now, unfortunately, there was news that broke a few days ago about Rob and Naomi Watts no longer being attached to Queen of the Desert. James Franco, however, was not informed and talked about looking forward to hopefully working with Rob. James has always been a big fan of Rob … and Kristen ;)

Transcript thanks to RPLife:

Another rumored project of Franco’s is director Werner Herzog’s “Queen of the Desert,” which centers around the friendship between T.E. Lawrence and Gertrude Bell, and stars Robert Pattinson and, potentially, Nicole Kidman (after Naomi Watts reportedly dropped out).”I hope. I met with Werner about it. I’ve known Werner for a while,” Franco said. “He’s a huge ‘Spring Breakers’ fan. The talks about that movie really started after he saw ‘Spring Breakers’ and gave me one of the best phone calls ever. He called me up with Harmony and just was raving about Alien. He said, ‘This movie is like the most important movie of the times. When people look back on 2013, they won’t look at Obama’s re-election speech, they will look to ‘Spring Breakers’ to tell us about these times, hundreds of years from now.”

True Francophiles know the actor has had something of a fascination with Robert Pattinson and “The Twilight Saga” for years, but “Queen of the Desert” wouldn’t be his first meeting with the British actor, apparently.”I actually met Robert through Harmony,” Franco revealed. “Maybe I’ll work with him. It’s supposed to happen maybe later this year. I don’t think I have any scenes with Pattinson in ‘Queen of the Desert.’ Harmony wants to work with him. He’s a nice guy, so I’d be willing.”

Source: MTV

Werner Herzog Talks Rob and Queen of the Desert with Playboy


Playboy: For your next film ‘Queen of the Desert’ you have cast ‘Twilight’ teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson.
He approached me. That is why I am taken seriously in Hollywood. Because so many good actors want to work with me. Nicolas Cage was never better than in ‘Bad Lieutenant’.

Playboy: What do you see in Robert Pattinson?
He has charisma, he is smart, he writes. I hope we will see him one day as a director. ‘Queen of the Desert’ is not yet fully funded, and we don’t know yet where we will shoot. Possibly, that should be in Syria.

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Source: Playboy (Germany)

James Franco to Replace Jude Law in Queen of the Desert


Werner Herzog’s Queen of the Desert film, starring Robert Pattinson, has had a rough start already. With Jude Law dropping out and Naomi Watts unsure if the project was even on the table anymore,  Queen of the Desert may have found exactly what it needed to generate some steam. James Franco is now in talks to be replacing Jude Law in the film. Although Deadline isn’t giving us an official confirmation that this information regarding Franco is definite, we are excited to see QOTD back on track!

What does this mean for Rob? This adds another movie on his long list of obligations for the next two years. We love seeing him on screen, and we love him even more in a suit on premiere day — the more the merrier :)

Source: Deadline