More WFE Premiere Interviews!

It seems that Robert tends to lean on Reese to answer a lot of the questions…haha I wish there would’ve been more time for Rob to answer questions. I can’t imagine how hectic this day must have been for him! He definitely looked very classy and well put together! It’s cute how he mentioned he’s “wanted to work with Reese his whole life…again!” (Referring to their mother/son relationship in Vanity Fair) They seem to have a great friendship!


A view of a quick line of interviews including one from He’s definitely not hard on the eyes! *wink wink*


NEW WFE Still of Reese

I think it is absolutely amazing that Reese actually rode the horses (and elephant for that matter) in this movie.  A lot of people are intimidated by these animals b/c of their shear size, but once you learn how to act around them, they are the sweetest, most giving creatures on Earth (I’m a bit biased) ;)
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