New/Old Interviews of Rob From RM, WFE, & BD Pt 1

Translation: From Brad to RPattz – another heartthrob, when he arrives on the red carpet – the girls’ heart beats get louder along with their screaming. As the fans requested, we’re gonna see Robert this week as ‘hot in hollywood’ we’re gonna see a reportage about his life with exclusive interviews. It’s true that the world-wide fame came to Rob Pattinson with the Twilight movies but his professional life in cinema started when he was a young man in the Harry Potter movies.

1:06 : the fans’ passion about twilight had always been exceptional. and Tobert’s life changed all of a sudden.

1:40 : what was the biggest challenge about playing Edward?

2:10 : in real life, Robert Pattinson is really shy.

2:43 : and he gave us some more details about the upcoming movie Breaking Dawn Part 2

3:25 : and the last time Kristen and Robert visited London, they preferred to get out of their hotel separately like the whole world doesn’t know about their offscreen relationship.

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How Do Rob’s, Kristen’s, (and Taylor’s) Movies Do in the Box Office Separately?

Unlike Robert Pattinson’s and Kristen Stewart’s first star vehicles outside of the Twilight franchise, Remember Me and The Runaways, respectively, Abduction was a genre film. Lautner got paid a lot of money to make it ($7.5 million), and, in return, it was supposed to make a lot of money. It wasn’t necessarily supposed to get beat in the box-office standings by a Harry Connick Jr. movie about sea life. 

If anything, Lautner’s weekend makes Pattinson look like the Twilight star to beat.While Remember Me didn’t impress at first, it actually made back half its budget in its opening weekend. In the end, it more than tripled the budget. Water for Elephants, likewise, was a legit hit for a drama, grossing nearly $120 million worldwide off a $38 million budget. 

Stewart, meanwhile, is still showing the least box-office potential of the Twilight trio. The Runaways was a heavilty promoted flop; Welcome to the Rileys grossed even less. Both, however, were small films. The truest test of her drawing power won’t come until next summer’s Snow White and the Huntsman. 

I don’t necessarily like this article, but I thought it was interesting to look at how the three of them do in their movies separately.  It’s looking like Remember Me will beat Abduction in the box office, but either way, I loved all of these movies and I don’t care about the numbers. :) All that matters is that the fans love them, and we do!
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