Previews of Rob on ‘The Graham Norton Show’

Here are two samples of what is to come on ‘The Graham Norton Show’! Graham Norton seems to know exactly how to provide fans with an entertaining show with NEW information that we haven’t heard, even after more than 100 Water for Elephants interviews! Can’t wait for the full version to come out! Stay posted!
UPDATE: The FULL Interview has been posted here, so check it out! It’s hilarious!

Source: ROBsessed

Rob on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Ah, how I love Robert in a suit! :) Rob talks about his living situation and keeping things in storage facilities around the world. Easy enough since he “wears the same thing every day.” haha Jimmy Kimmel gives him a present which Rob says is “the best thing he’s ever gotten!”

If you notice here in the 3rd part of the interview, Rob mouths “Happy Birthday” while Jimmy Kimmel is introducing people back to the show after commercial. You can’t see it in these clips but Jimmy Kimmel said hello to her during the monologue of the show and she seemed veryyy excited to see Rob. I bet that made her night! My goodness, that would make my year!!

(Unedited) Full Interview of Rob on Ellen!

Here is the (unedited) full interview of Robert Pattinson on Ellen today. Rob seemed to be a little more at ease during this interview than some others he’s done recently…probably because Ellen is witty,funny, and makes him feel more relaxed! :) Lots of fun topics in this interview such as Ellen underwear, saving snails, and the amazing Lubbock police in Texas! haha (I’m so glad Robert likes Texas..*wink wink*) Enjoy!

Source: YouTube