Karaoke Video of Rob and Katy Perry – Boyz II Men

Today a video of Rob and Katy Perry singing Boys II Men ‘I’ll Make Love To You’ hit the internet, The video is from 2008 and is amazingly entertaining! We LOVE it!

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RUMOR: Rob Starring in Death Grip Short Film Misoneism?


UPDATE: According to Pitchfork, Death Grips has confirmed that the letter is fake. In addition to this confirmation, Actor Colin Hanks told Consequence of Sound that talks of him making a movie with Death Grips is untrue. What does this mean? The letter below is most likely fake and that this was, as we thought before, a social experiment.

Having been photographed with Zach Hill and MC Ride from Death Grips at Beyonce’s concert earlier this year (above) a press release today from Death Grips revealed that Rob will be staring in their short film Misoneism, which deals with the issue of underground prostitution. A two minute trailer for Misoneism will be released soon on Tumblr. The film is expected be released in Spring 2014 with a one time only screening at Sacramento’s Historic Guild Theater.

This is a message from DEATH GRIPS.

We have recently founded a record label, created via a very unique relationship with Harvest/Capitol, to be distributed byCaroline. On here, we anticipate our creative endeavours being achieved with unaltered possibilities. Not only does it function as a medium to distribute any upcoming music we create, but it will also be used as a platform to showcase other forms of art. Stefan Burnett, our vocalist, will soon be releasing a very limited number of hardback books for his visual artwork, with the help ofPictureBox. Not only that, but Zach Hill is currently wrapping up a short film he directed with an OST by DEATH GRIPS. The film is entitled Misoneism, is shot entirely in monochrome film, and follows the exploits of a young man forced into the underground prostitution business in Brazil. Starring Robert Pattinson and Colin Hanks, the film hopes to shed light on the matter in a shocking and abrasive way. The film is slated for a Spring 2014 release with a one time only screening at Sacramento’s historicGuild Theater. Further details on Misoneism will be released in the coming weeks through our Tumblr (now wiped clean and specifically dedicated to Misoneism.) A 2 minute trailer is to be released on the aforementioned link very soon.

Birds, released on 21st of August, can now be officially announced as a cut from Misoneism’s OST. The track was received extremely well.

This message has been sent to exclusively 10 smaller websites to accentuate the minimal approach we are going to approach the promotion of Misoneism. The film was conceived with the ethos of Sacramento’s 70′s independent films, most of which were fairly low budget and gained, at best, modest popularity. In a sense, the promotion is a social experiment. We purposefully employed very high profile actors to star in an experimental, avant-garde film, promoted only on smaller indie music websites and publications for reasons that we will reveal in the upcoming press kit.

m0re to come.


Note: There is a lot of speculation going on about this project. RPLife has chronicled the media frenzy surrounding this announcement and the back-and-forth that went on in determining where it was a legit project or simply just a social experiment. Only time will tell if this project is a “go”. As for now, we are keeping it up as a ‘RUMOR’.

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Director/Producer Adam Shankman tweets about Rob

Director/Produce Adam Shankman talks about Rob jamming on guitar and Dermot Mulroney playing cello on Saturday night (September 15th).

This is also not the first time Adam talks about Rob. Adam talked about Rob being considered for ‘Rock of Ages’ at the BD prem. “Rob is a good singer”

Also looking at Adams tweets he said he was at Variety’s 6th Annual Power Of Youth Event at Paramount Studios on September 15, in Hollywood, California. (so guessing Robs in California?)

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Possible Rob sightings in NYC (Rob and Kristen in NYC together?)

Two new Rob sightings in NYC. Maybe Kristens still there and they are chillin in NYC for a bit. Also Marcus Foster is in NYC for his gig on the 18th, maybe Rob and possible Kristen are there to support their friend.

Buy your tickets HERE

Maybe you’ll get lucky and see RK :) & also its always nice to support Rob and Kristens friends.

Leave your comments below on what you think. Fingers crossed for Roberto & Baby girl to be there together! :D

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David Cronenberg Talked About ‘Cosmopolis’ & Rob During Queen’s University Film and Media Courses

His film Cosmopolis, based on the novel by Don Delillo, is in post-production. It stars Robert Pattinson as a Manhattan millionaire.

The film was shot in Toronto, a favourite shooting location of Cronenberg’s.

“I’ve never shot a foot of film in the U.S., even though a lot of my movies are set there,” he said.

Toronto also provided a refuge for Pattinson’s international celebrity, he said.

“When we were shooting on the streets, [Pattinson] had a lot of fans crowding around, but he could go to bars and clubs in his street clothes and people didn’t recognize him,” he said.

Cronenberg said Pattinson has a deep knowledge of cinema with a talent that stretches beyond what is shown in the Twilight Saga franchise.

“He’s a very serious actor. He wants to be great and takes the trouble to try and be great,” he said. “What he does in [Cosmopolis] will lay that question to rest, which a lot of people who are skeptical of Twilight are asking.”

Pattinson wouldn’t be the first actor to be recognized for his talent in a Cronenberg film.

William Hurt and Viggo Mortensen were nominated for Academy Awards for their respective roles in 2005’s A History of Violence and 2007’s Eastern Promises.

But winning an Oscar isn’t one of Cronenberg’s personal goals, he said.

“You’ll kill yourself if you do that. In Hollywood, the Oscar is like a religious icon — it’s like the Holy Grail,” he said. “The Weinstein’s are famous for spending millions of dollars to get that Oscar … but that isn’t the game I’m playing.”

The Weinstein Company is a U.S. film studio founded by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, who previously founded Miramax studios.

In Hollywood, a movie’s budget often determines its content, Cronenberg said.

“It would be naive to do a $200-million film and expect to be an extreme, radical filmmaker,” he said. “You just know you’re going to have to be much more conservative because you need that huge audience … which is why I continue to make indie films.”

Many filmmakers are swayed to make their art appeal to the masses, at the expense of its quality, he said.

“As an artist you have to try and ignore the outside pressures, not just in terms of violence, but with sex or anything that’s taboo,” he said. “If you’re distributing your movie all over the world … the fears of one country aren’t at all the fears of another country.”

Violence and sexually-explicit content are prevalent throughout Cronenberg’s films, but he insists all his movies feature deliberate comedic moments.

“I don’t think I need to do something that’s classified as a comedy, but I wouldn’t do anything that didn’t have some humour.”

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[VIDEO] Breaking Dawn Part 2: KStew & RPatzz Smoulder in First Look

Better quality video of what was shown at the Target Midnight Release Party for the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD. I can’t get over how perfect Kristen looks!

It’s not the end of the end but, as Sir Winston Churchill would have it, it’s definitely the beginning of the end. 

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s romance may still be going strong away from the cameras, but their big-screen counterparts Edward and Bella must prepare to bid farewell (to us, to each other – who knows?) in the final instalment of the Twilight phenomenon.Breaking Dawn Part 2 brings to an end the human-werewolf-vampire love triangle that has bewitched a nation and made screen icons of Pattinson and Stewart, as well as Taylor Lautner. 

Fans will have to wait, gnashing teeth and biting into clothes, until 16 November (yes, really!) for the film’s release, but we have some glimpses of the cast giving it their all, and you can rest assured, Bella and Edward look as unhappy/deeply in love/pale as ever. Watch the clip above and savour this mournful pair while you still can!