Rob, Kristen, & Taylor Interview w/ Indian Express

How was it to revisit your characters for the fourth time?
Robert Pattinson: It wasn’t as difficult, as Edward Cullen is what I feel like, right now, after so many months of living it. Edward, as you know, is a very controlled character and not very expressive. This makes my task easier.
Kristen Stewart: It was different for me this time. Bella is a quiet person but in this movie, she is seen being vocal and taking stands. I got to live almost 10-15 years of a girl’s life in a fast-forward situation through Twilight.
Taylor Lautner: It was a bit difficult for me, as Jacob matures in this series. Showing that transition needed a lot of effort. The physical and metal transition has its impact on the rest of acts.

Where do you see your careers after the Twilight Series ends?
RP: The Twilight Saga has contributed immensely to my career beyond everybody’s expectations. It will be a huge responsibility to continue living up to the mark. Edward Cullen is a very strong character and breaking or changing that image to create a new one will be difficult.
KS: Twilight has been a turning point of my career and given me a lot of fame. I hope that the people also accept me as a different character from Bella Swan.
TL: The series has given me the opportunity to go ahead and take up projects that I always wanted to, and I hope it remains that way.

Tell us about your most memorable scene in the film.
RP: The wedding scene has been very emotional and memorable for both Kristen and me. However, my favourite scene is the honeymoon scene when I spoiled all those lovely “bed lines”!
KS: For me, it’s the wedding scene. I had a million different things going through my head, but I kept telling myself “Stop. Stop. Just do it and actually have this experience because you’re just about to ruin it.”
TL: My favourite scene is the childbirth scene where Bella is very critical and Jacob sees Renesme for the first time.

Your future projects to look forward to…
RP: Bel Ami is my next project. It’s making headlines as well, as it has lots of sex in it.
KS: I’m doing a paranormal adventure film, Snow White and the Huntsman.

Have you seen Bollywood movies? Do you have any Bollywood plans?
RP: I’ve watched one of the most romantic Bollywood movies called Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. I would definitely love to do a Bollywood film if given a chance. They have romance, drama and emotion, something which Twilight also has.
KS: Yeah, I have seen Ra.One and I’d love to work in Indian movies, provided I like what I am offered.
TL: I’ve seen Slumdog Millionaire, and would love to work in such a culture-rich country provided someone teaches me to speak Hindi.

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Cronenberg Talks Rob Being Nervous for ‘Cosmopolis’

Cronenberg: Actors need to scare themselves. When I started to talk to [Robert Pattinson for "Cosmopolis"], it became apparent that he was terrified, as Keira was terrified to do Sabina, and that’s always good.

Why did you want Pattinson for the part in “Cosmopolis”?

Cronenberg: Well I’d watched a movie that I think not too many people have seen called “Little Ashes,” where he plays Salvador Dali, and he plays him as a young man and plays him with a Spanish accent. So I thought, well that’s really interesting, I mean this was before he was a “Twilight” star, because, it takes a particular handsome young man to decide to play that role. And then I did watch some of the “Twilight” stuff and I watched “Remember Me” and I felt that he had a lot going on. He’s supposed to be a super smart billionaire at a young age, 28 he says in the movie. It’s intuition. I didn’t know him as a person, but I’d figured from the movies that I’d seen, like “Little Ashes,” that I could maybe interest him in doing something that’s not “Twilight” obviously.

Cute Fan Accounts of Robsten Sighting at Marcus Foster Concert, Nov 23

okay so i went to the marcus foster gig tonight in camden. while the warm up acts were playing someone backstage moved the curtain and i thought i saw rob in his baseball cap with kristen but i wasnt totally sure. then my friend thought she saw him too and we started freaking out.then like 10 minutes after marcus had started a girl who was next to us came back from the bar completely freaking out like ‘OMGGG I JUST SAW ROBERT PATTINSON!!’

then my friend spotted him in the corner of the room by the door to backstage and to the ladies toilets. after like 10 minutes we decided we HAD to go over we walked past him to go to the toilet and saw him and kristen and tom. when we came back from the toilet we decided to just stay in the corner with him. BEST FUCKING DECISION EVER!

we were literally 10cm from them both and they were sooo fuckinggg cute!! rob had his fingers tucked into kristen’s jeans pocket and then she was holding his hand there with her fingers. and then she also had her other arm wrapped round him. they were both kind of dancing/swaying to the music and kept on whispering things in each others ears. tom was standing next to rob and he had his beard and amish hat and was totally the third wheel lol. marcus was incredible and rob and kristen kept screaming his name and clapping along. kristen also was going crazy dancing at some points getting really into it and rob would just smile at her and tap to thebeat on her hip.

then sam arrived and he gave each of them a kiss on the cheek and said kristen looked beautiful and she like scoffed at him. when marcus played ‘i was broken’ tom leant over and said something to kristen and she started going crazy like putting both middle fingers up at him and laughing.and it was so amazing cos everyone i mean EVERYONE knew ALL the words to the song. and so at one point when marcus stopped singing the lyrics and everyone was screaming the lyrics back at him, rob and kristen started going crazy like freaking out they were so proud of him.

then in another song sam, who was with like his girlfriend or something, started doing a sexy kind of dance with her. so then kristen put her hands in the air and started swaying like going down to the ground while rob just grinned so big at her. at one point kristen also called out ‘MARCUSSS FOSTERRR’ so loud in her american accent and everyone turned round but then marcus was like ‘thanks so much to my family and friends’ *looks over to rob,kristen, sam and tom* and they were all grinning at each other. then it was so funny sam got a chant going of “MARCUS MARCUS” and everyone in our corner was joining in including rob and kristen. then suddenly everyone stopped and sam was just left going “MARCUS” by himself and everyone was pissing themselves especially rob.

they were constantly touching each other either holding each others fingers, mainly with their arms around each other and also when people were trying to get past rob like pulled kristen into him and was gripping her across her middle.its so obvious theyre together and even my friend who isnt a fan was saying how fucking cute they are together. they also didnt seem to care that everyone could see them cos a woman who worked there came up to them and was like ‘everyone can see you you know like if you can see them, they can see you and they all know you’re here.’ and she asked them if the wanted to go backstage where they could have a good view but kristen just shrugged and they stayed where they were cos no one was bothering them.

also it was so cute kristen leant into rob and kept on whispering something to him and every time she pulled away he shook his head really big at her and each time bigger and bigger, grinning at her wider and wider.FUCKING HELL THEY WERE SO ADORABLE. kristen also kept shushing sam and tom when they were joking around when everyone else was quiet and it was just marcus singing without the band it was clear she loves his music so much.

i didnt want to take any pictures could it would have been so obvious with how close i was standing and i really didnt want to bother them they looked like they were having such a good time. i was going to ask at the end but literally as soon as marcus finished singing “tumble down” which was the last song, they grabbed their coats and ran off so literally one second they were there and then it was like id imagined the whole thing.serious ninjas people.

btw rob was wearing a white v neck and jeans with a black baseball cap with white writing/symbol on it. and kristen was wearing skinny jeans, leg warmers and a t shirt. she had her hair down to start and fuck is it amazing but then she tied it up halfway in that sexy way that she did at twi con cos it was so fucking hot in there.

i think thats everything but im sure ill remember more tomorrow when ive calmed down a bit lol. seriously the best night ever- marcus was amazing and i stood behind rob and kristen for like over half an hour!! feel free to ask me questions and ill try and answer them best i can :D

Thanks to @TheaProsser/@wonkyhobos for this LOVELY fan account! <3

Pic via @fiercekstew

Another adorable Fan Account (thank you for sharing!!):

@chrisska: The first act was good, blah blah… Then I went for a drink… HIS DAD, PAPA PATTZ, RIGHT THERE! Obviously, my heartrate tripled. Marcus came on stage. Sang a couple of songs. THEN WE SAW HIM. Rob. White tight shirt, cap…*dead* Friend went to the toilet. (this is important, ok) She came back and was like: OMG, C, COME WITH ME. So we went. RIGHT NEXT TO THEM. FOR 30 MINUTES OF MY LIFE MY FRIEND AND I WERE RIGHT. NEXT. TO. ROB. AND. KRISTEN. He was holding her, they were drinking, singing along, whispering to each other. She kept kissing his cheek, he kept leaning down. THEN THEY KISSED, I SWEAR ON MY LIFE, IT WAS SHORT AND SWEET BUT I SAW IT.

She was laughing and jumping up and down, his arms CONSTANTLY around her. Marcus said he was finishing soon and OMG GUYS, SHE SCREAMED “MARCUS, DON’T STOP!” in a very sexual way, it was HILARIOUS! The way he was holding her during the concert… Oh my. Also, she sang along to the entire “I was broken”. Friend and I swapped places, my coat was in K’s way, she just turned to look at me and I had the most apologetic expression ever LOL

Then we went outside, everyone else (Robsten and co) in a bar, having a private party inside. He was wearing a dark blue hoodie too. K was wearing a light green-ish top, loose. Dark jeans, hair back. Then a jacket, but not inside. Ok, not done yet. About 5 paps lurking outside, some fans too. Friend and I stood right outside the bar, looking through the windows. The ENTIRE time I was staring at Rob, he was having shots (ARGH!), laughing, chatting. Kristen was not next to him, she was close though. Rob’s family also there, I think Kristen spent a big part of the night talking to them, whereas Rob was with other friends.

Ok, time for them to go. We were freaking out outside. They said their goodbyes and were leaving… Car waiting outside, paps running… Kristen ran out, so did Rob… Then Rob did this ninja jump from the landing and I was like WHOOOA, Batman! He was trying to get in asap :) And OMG they got in the car and he COVERED HER, like actually shielding her with his hoodie, cause the paps were being disgusting…I hope that at least you can see it in the paps pics, it was the SWEETEST thing, you couldn’t see K, cause she was under his body/hoody. He was tipsy for sure and he kept laughing while running for the car, she was smiling too.And off the went into the night… The end.

Misc Details:

@shiloh2jo: cutest thing, rob was at the bar buying 6 bottles of beer, he had money scrunched up in his palm, and he took ages trying to sort it out.

@shiloh2jo: Another cute thing is when kristen jumped on robs back and kissed his nose. She was soo loud screaming “Marcus don’t fucking goooo” lol

@shiloh2jo: Another adorable thing, mama Patz and daddy patz kissing and dancing to Marcus foster song. OMG I love their love! Like father like son.


Carter Burwell Talks With Rob On Scoring ‘Twilight’ and ‘Breaking Dawn’

Cool. What about the fact that Breaking Dawn is a two-parter? Knowing you’re also going to be scoring Part II, does where the story goes from here enter into the picture at all for you? When you’re thinking of these themes?
Well, I’ve read the script, but I haven’t seen any of Part II yet. But I did have to write a theme that Edward plays on camera in Part II. Bill wanted to echo the “Bella’s Lullaby” scene from the first Twilight in the last part, and so I had to write a lullaby for that well in advance so Rob Pattinson could learn the fingering – he’s a musician and prides himself on being able to do that.

So we know that’s an important part of Part II. And we hint at that theme in Part I. But honestly, it was quite a challenge for me to get my head around the 80 minutes of music for this one. My scores are usually half that. So I didn’t give very much thought to Part II while I was doing Part I.

Cronenberg Praises Rob Some More w/ Gothamist & Blomberg

Viggo Mortensen, Magneto, and a movie with Rob Pattinson next, with all that Twilight hoopla around him. You don’t mind stars with franchise baggage it seems.
It’s like with Viggo with The Lord of the Rings, frankly. We’ve talked about this a lot. He wouldn’t have been a candidate for A History of Violence if it hadn’t been for Lord of the Rings because he wasn’t well-known, he was really kind of a B actor, character actor before Lord of the Rings made him a star. Therefore, he would not be somebody who could get you the financing that you need. It’s something about casting that people don’t think about but as a director, you really have to think about it because your producers make you think about it and so do your distributors. You say, “I want this guy,” and they say “Forget it! Nobody knows who he is and we can’t build a campaign around him to release to movie.” So not only do you have to get the right guy, you have to figure out who that guy is creatively but he has to want to do it to, you have to be able to afford him, he has to be available at the time you want him and he has to have the star power to get your movie financed. It’s very tricky casting a movie and for a director it’s a huge part of what you do, to weave your way through this mine field and end up with the right guy in your movie. Because if you make a huge miscasting mistake, it can kill your movie before you’ve even shot a foot of film.

Have you ever made any huge casting mistakes?
Yes, but I won’t talk about them! [laughs] But not enough to kill the movie, I must say. There are only one or two that I would maybe have rethought. But you get lucky sometimes and sometimes the right person not only says yes and sometimes the right person says no. In other words, for some reason you’ve decided to go with somebody and you later realize, “Thank god that guy didn’t do the movie because this guy is the right guy.” But about Rob Pattinson, yeah, of course, if it weren’t for Twilight I don’t think we could have financed the movie around him because he wouldn’t be known. But aside from that, that was a good thing not a bad thing and of course I have to think about all that.

Especially with a movie that’s so focused on one character.
Absolutely. You make a bad choice and you’ve killed your movie right away or at least you’re staggering through it trying desperately to compensate for what’s not there that should have been there. I felt really lucky to have Rob, he’s fantastic, and I think people will see that it’s obvious. I don’t think it’s going to be a surprise.

Warner: The film stars Robert Pattinson of “The Twilight Saga” series. Do you think he can escape his vampire pigeonhole?
Cronenberg: He’s a terrific actor, which will be obvious when you see the movie. Any director who’s looking to see what he can do will see that he can do a lot.