Anthony Mackie Talks Rob w/ MTV

“Rob, a good friend of mine, we were actually hanging out last night. I told him, ‘Man, you know I gotta be in that “Twilight: Part Six.’” He told me he’s going to look out for me.”

Yes, I’m aware that here are currently no plans for a “Twilight: Part Six,” but I was too distracted by the revelation about this new celeb bromance to ask more details about that. Instead I asked Anthony how on earth he and Rob became friends. “Me and Rob have been hanging out forever,” he said. “He’s a good dude.”

In knowing how Rob likes to karaoke with his dude friends, I then asked Anthony if they’ve ever hit the karaoke bars together or sung duets. “No, no. I saw him do karaoke. I was a little bit too shy to get up there,” Anthony admitted. “He sang this Billy Joel song, that’s when we did this Billy Joel, Billy Ocean medley. [It was] really crazy but it worked out.”

Even better, Anthony revealed that Rob taught him how to do the all-important Edward Cullen Suspense Look, which he was all too happy to demonstrate for me.

“How’s that? It’s good, huh? I’m telling you, I’m working on it. There’s got to be a black vampire. [We have] sweet blood, come on.” (Um, hello! What about Laurent?)

So what does Rob think about Anthony making an appearance in a future “Twilight” movie? “He’s down. We hang out more than we work together,” he said. “He’s my dude.”

And just an FYI, Anthony is also best buds with a couple other favorites: Ryan Gosling (he and The Gos were in the movie “Half Nelson” together, as well as the upcoming “Gangster Squad”) and Jeremy Renner (from their work on “The Hurt Locker”).

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Sara Gadon talks about Rob’s fans

GS: Who’s got crazier fans – well, let’s call them ‘passionate’ fans, Viggo Mortensen or Robert Pattinson?
SG: You know I thought it would be Rob, but then when we were in Venice Viggo has some diehard fans, and they just they love him! They freak out for him. But you know Rob doesn’t even have fans … he has this like, CIA. They know where he is, they know everything, they know every detail – they’re on it, so….

GS: That means you’re in it! You know we have a photograph here – every time there’s a photo of you and him together … [this is actually a great shot of the two of you in a scene] …when you get caught up in that, does your life change at all, in any way?
SG: Well, I think when we were shooting I made a really strong effort to not pay attention to any press, or anything, because you’re so involved in your characters and in your work, and you don’t want anything on the outside to inform this working relationship that you’re creating, and so I really tried to block that out, but then afterwards when the shooting finished and people kept saying things to me I kind of thought wow you know – maybe that really was a whirlwind that we were caught up in.