Maps To The Stars On Hitflix’s Most Anticipated Films Of 2014


Maps To The Stars made it to 19th on Hitflix’s Most Anticipated Films Of 2014. Here’s what Guy Lodge from Hitflix said about it:

17. “Maps to the Stars”

Director: David Cronenberg
Cast: Robert Pattinson, Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, John Cusack, Carrie Fisher, Olivia Williams
Expected debut: Cannes
Why: David Cronenberg is one of my favorite working filmmakers, so a new film of his is not never not going to be on a list like this for me. But I don’t mind admitting that he’s tested my patience of late: “A Dangerous Method” was elegant but insufficiently dangerous, while “Cosmopolis,’ though well suited to his kinky side, was too bound to its source novel to soar. Will a Hollywood satire bring back his bite? The premise sounds promisingly silly. Cusack’s a psychotherapist and parent of a drug-addicted child star. Wasikowska is his pyromaniac daughter, who befriends Pattinson’s limo driver and wannabe actor. Moore is a star remaking one of her mother’s films as she’s literally haunted by the old woman, and so on and so forth. This could all go way out of control, but that’s kind of what we want, right?

You can find the picture in HQ HERE.

Source: Hitflix

New FanPic of Rob at a London Pub – Dec 20?

UPDATE: New FanPic of Rob. (Source: Pattinson Artwork)




Tweets from @BethSciberras:

My cousin&her bf live in London&saw Robert Pattinson in a bar,not jel,not jealous at all,not like I have dreamt of that moment or anything

Q: they met him yesterday??? (Dec 22nd)
A: no last Friday

So yeah these are the photos my cousins boyfriend took of Robert Pattinson in a random pub. Too facking jealous.

New FanPics of Rob Celebrating Christmas Eve at a Pub in London – Dec 24

UPDATE: More FanPics added. Looks like Rob was with his sister, Lizzie :)





Me and #RobertPattinson #twilight #EdwardCullen #pub #Christmas

Tweets of more sightings:

@MaximJamesQuick: Not trying to make all you girlies jealous.. but I met Robert Pattinson earlier and he wished me a merry Christmas.

@ChloeLoubet: Once again spending Christmas eve standing next to Robert pattinson

@K_Barnsley: In the pub with Robert Pattinson, Adrian Chiles and Heston Blumenthal #eclecticmix

@LucyKirkness: In the pub with Robert Pattinson and HESTON Blumenthal #caj

@catrawr: As much as I shouldn’t be excited about Rob Pattinson standing next to me in the pub…

Via: Robsten Dreams
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Rob & Kristen Make Forbes’ “2013 List Of The Best Actors For The Buck”


Kristen Stewart

Returns $25 for every $1 paid.

Thanks to the Twilight movies, Stewart offers one of the best returns for every $1 she is paid. She’ll likely get smaller paychecks for non-Twilight movies.


Robert Pattinson

Returns $23.50 for every $1 paid.

Twilight has been good for the young actor. He now needs to show he can perform outside of the franchise.

Source: Forbes