Catherine Hardwicke Talks to Fanspired About TWILIGHT


Catherine Hardwicke surprised us all when she attended THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES premiere earlier this month. (our sister site) were one of the only outlets to grab her attention on the red carpet. And since I was there, I HAD to make sure Heather asked her about the RK audition tape .. it was my duty. ;)

We were just watching the TWILIGHT commentary last night when you, Rob [Pattinson] and Kristen [Stewart] were talking about the film. Do you have any plans to release any audition tapes or anything like that?

I think they are going to do an extended version of TWILIGHT, so that’s coming out soon.

Source: Fanspired

SIGHTING: Rob & Kristen Support Marcus Foster at ‘Old Gold’ Gig – Apr 17


One of our fave followers, @debbiedebm, offered to be our eyes and ears at Marcus Foster’s ‘Old Gold’ gig tonight. Our intuition was telling us that Rob & Kristen would show up … and man, were we right! Rob was apparently hanging out in the VIP area wearing his infamous grey hoodie. Kristen was a bit harder to spot because she was hidden behind a wall of people (presumably her trusty friends). Believe it or not, Rob and Kristen casually entered the gig through the front! Finally they get the peace they so desperately deserve after weeks of being hounded by the paparazzi.

Well, that didn’t last too long … after the band finished playing, exiting the venue was a different story. From what we heard, Kristen left first with her group of friends and were chased by a couple of papz. :/ Rob left a bit later.


Source: Instagram / debbiehutch

New FanPic of Rob Celebrating Kristen’s 23rd Birthday – Apr 9th


Looks likes the gang was hanging out at Malo and then finished the night out at No Vacancy, a bar/lounge near Rob & Kristen’s neighborhood, to celebrate Kristen’s Birthday! Hoping for more pics soon!

UPDATE: Pictures of Rob, Kristen & friends leaving the birthday festivities were posted exclusively on ETonline! You can check them out here (we aren’t posting b/c they’re pap pics).

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Kristen Stewart Bday // I want you to stay

This may be a little premature, but I just couldn’t help myself ;)

It’s been a long time since I posted my last video .. and quite appropriately, that one was a Kristen support video ;) After listening to Rihanna’s “Stay”, I knew that that was kind of the perfect song for Kristen and Rob. I’m not saying that their love is hard, difficult or masochistic; I’m just saying that their love has obviously had its ups and downs along its path. What inspired me to do this video was a quote from JUST MARRIED: “We only see the good times in pictures, but it’s the bad times that get us from one photograph to the next.” :)

I’d like to wish Kristen Stewart a Happy Birthday! I’m sorry this video isn’t as lighthearted as a birthday video should be :/