Mention of Kristen at Sundance After Parties


The Daily Beast has a great write-up of the nightlife scene at Sundance with a few mentions of Kristen, partying it up!

The following evening, I stopped by the Camp X-Ray party at the Snowlodge—a venue on lower Main Street that melded Montauk’s Surf Lodge with the West Hollywood eatery Eveleigh (one of my personal favorites). As expected, the Eveleigh-curated finger food—miniature globs of bruschetta, crackers topped with a succulent smidgen of beef—was excellent. Kristen Stewart, who anchors the film as a rookie guard at Guantanamo Bay, seemed in good spirits, huddled together and chatting with her Into the Wild co-star Emile Hirsch.

For a quick nightcap, I popped into TAO, yet another pop-up nightclub at the base of Main Street, and spotted rapper Rick Ross (?) puffing on a cigar—he’s even more massive in person—while palling around with Outkast’s Big Boi (?), as well as movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and the aforementioned Twilight star, Stewart, who busted some dance moves.

My favorite part of this write-up is the mention about Kristen busting some dance moves at TAO ;) I can just imagine that! How cute!

Source: The Daily Beast

New Park City TV interview with Kristen and the rest of the main cast of Camp X-Ray

Park City TV caught up with the cast of Camp X-Ray on the red carpet at Sundance last week, and we get some great snippets from Peter Sattler and each actor about the movie and its depth. Those of us who are waiting impatiently to see this movie are just getting more and more pumped! Check it out:

Source: YouTube / Park City Television