Colleen Atwood (SWATH Costume Designer) Talks Dressing Kristen


Colleen Atwood, Snow White and the Huntsman costume designer, talks dressing Kristen as Snow White.

“Snow White was more interesting to us as a bit of a rebel. We had a costume that went through a lot of changes withou
t actually being changed. As she journeyed through the woods, it evolved into a shorter dress over leather leggings. We used colors that enhanced Kristen [Stewart]‘s natural beauty and felt organic in the woods. She did most action sequences herself, so it was important that the costume could be moved in!”

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Why Kristen Stewart Best Represents New Movie Stardom


I happened upon this sweet article about Kristen and her box-office draw in my inbox this morning and thought I would share with all of you. The author of the article argues that Dwayne Johnson and Kristen Stewart are the best representations of movie stardom in Hollywood now-a-days and I’d have to say that I’d agree .. well, with this Kristen part at least :)

As of this tenuous moment, Kristen Stewart arguably represents the best-case scenario for actresses at this moment.

I say this for one very simple reason:  Unlike her various peers who are also well known and fill up various tabloid pages and magazine interviews, many of whom qualify as ‘added value’ in the right project, she’s actually opened a tent pole.  You make a Snow White and the Huntsman with most actresses and you’ll be thrilled with a $30 million debut, even with the ‘added value’ of Chris Hemsworth, the ‘prestige’ of Charlize Theron, and a strong trailer cut to the Inception trailer music.  You make a Snow White and the Huntsman with Stewart and you get a $56 million opening weekend. That’s unquestioned drawing power for the right project, not just ‘added value’.  Sure her popularity is mostly based around her starring role in The Twilight Saga, but it is a large and *very* committed fan base that has now proven that they’ll turn out for a mainstream star vehicle on the rare occasion she makes one. Kristen Stewart may not turn On the Road or Adventureland into a blockbuster, but she has a huge fan base that flocked to see her in a medieval action fantasy that happened to be called Snow White. Again, it’s a matter of star and concept.  Yes, it’s indeed unfair in that very few actresses will get the chance to headline their own franchise in this boy-centric era, no The Hunger Games was not sold on the “star power” of Winter’s Bone star Jennifer Lawrence, but Kristen Stewart got the opportunity and her fans supported her en masse.

She succeeded where the likes of Charlize Theron (Aeon Flux), Halle Berry (Catwoman), and Jennifer Garner (Electra) did not.  None of the above examples were good movies (and for that matter neither was Snow White and the Huntsman), but Stewart delivered her Twi-Hards over the opening weekend of her big movie for blockbuster numbers.

Source: Forbes