Rob talks fans and music with MTV Australia [SFF]


If you ever want to know what a full blown mental breakdown looks like all you have to do is tell a diehard Twilight fan that Robert Pattinson is coming to town.

If you were anywhere near Sydney’s State Theatre on Saturday night you might have been mistaken for thinking we were back in the times of Beatlemania, as hundreds of fans lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the British heartthrob.

In an MTV exclusive, we quizzed the former Twilight star on what he thinks of his adoring fans that came out to see him ahead of the Australian premiere of his new film The Rover for the Sydney Film Festival.

“They’re really sweet,” he blushed as they hysterically screamed behind him.

Before he hit the red carpet the 28-year-old generously spent around forty-five minutes chatting to his biggest supporters, some of whom had been patiently waiting on the street since 6am.

The humble and softly-spoken actor seems to be going from strength to strength with a slew of hard-hitting films coming out over the next year; a definite departure from his star-making role in The Twilight Saga.

If he wasn’t blessed enough with some fine acting chops and a face that could turn a house-wife into a bumbling mess, he’s also got an impressive set of pipes, but says he’s unfortunately not releasing any new music.

“No, not in the foreseeable future,” he said.

If you’re aching to hear him sing you can catch him in The Rover hilariously singing along to a Keri Hilson song, one of the many memorable moments as he delivers a brilliant performance as Rey alongside Aussie great, Guy Pearce.


Source: MTV Australia

David Michod calls Rob’s acting in The Rover “extraordinary” in an interview with Cinema Australia [SFF]

We’ve included only the interview blurbs about Rob, below. For the entire article, click here.


Critically, Animal Kingdom was a very successful film. Was the process of developing The Rover made easier based on the success of that film?
Developing it was just like developing anything. It was me writing, rewriting and rewriting again. Certainly putting it together, getting people to look at it and getting the film financed was made a lot easier. When it came time to cast, for instance Rob Pattinson’s role, I found myself in a very privileged position of being able to get a number of really quite accomplished actors to get in and test for me. One of whom was Rob. Certainly having something already under your belt that has gotten a lot of attention makes that process a lot easier.

You mentioned other actors had tested for the role of Rey. Anyone you’d care to mention?
I can’t say that. I can’t speak out of school. [Laughs].

How exciting was it for you to get Robert onboard. There’s a huge commercial element and a built in audience that comes with Robert, so was that a factor in your excitement?
It remains to be seen because I never know what the commercial results of having an actor in your movie might be but there is certainly a thrill to be had in knowing that you’ll be working with someone who is as profoundly famous as Robert is and giving them an opportunity to demonstrate a skill set that people possibly don’t even know he has. I think Robert is extraordinary in this movie. I’ve obviously seen it a thousand times and I just love losing myself in his performance and I love watching him and Guy bounce off each other. Two wildly different characters having to figure each other out performed by wonderful actors. This is what the thrill of directing is all about.

Did they [Guy and Rob] get along off screen?
Totally. They’re both really beautiful human beings and given the nature of the shoot and that we were out in the middle of nowhere in really challenging conditions meant that after a days work was done we really bonded in a warm and special way.


Source: Cinema Australia