Rob & his Two “Jacobs”

In lieu of the Water For Elephants DVD/Blu-Ray Disc release on Nov 1st and the Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere on Nov 18th, here’s a fun comparison of the two Jacobs in Rob’s life. 

Hard as he might try, Robert Pattinson has trouble getting away from the ‘Jacobs’ in his life. He might have escaped his lupine rival in the supernatural Twilight world, but one of his next big roles saw him taking on the name himself as his played love-struck veterinarian Jacob Jankowski in Water For Elephants. With one film set in the fictional past and the other in the supernatural present, let’s see how Robert’s Jacobs compare:

Fans of Fur!

Any Twi-hard worth their salt will know that Jacob Black is a werewolf, a fact that gives him a rather unique viewpoint when it comes to human-animal relations. But he’s not the only one to share a close bond with the animal world! There might not be many lycanthropes beneath the tents of the Benzini Bros but there’s plenty of other animals around for Jacob Jankowski to look after. It goes without saying that vets love animals and Robert’s character in Water for Elephants is no exception. Spending almost as much time with his furry patients as he does with his humanoid circus mates, having a close relationship with animals is a trait that both Jacobs share.

Thrilling Threesomes!

Jacob Black plays just one third of cinema’s most memorable love triangles in Twilight, sharing the spotlight with Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Having fallen in love with a girl already spoken for, Jacob’s wolfish wiles often get the better of him as he fights to claim the one he loves. Jacob Jankowski faces a similar problem in Water For Elephants. Completely smitten with the beautiful and talented Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), Jacob never backs down in his pursuit to free her from her violent husband and give her the life she deserves.

Getting back to nature

After Jacob Jankowski’s parents are killed in a car crash and his home is reclaimed by a bank, Jacob decides to up and leave, escaping into the forest where he has only the train tracks for guidance. When the Benzini Brothers’ train comes along, Jacob jumps on and is soon swept away into a wild world completely at odds with his previous lifestyle. Surrounded by animals and constantly travelling across the country, Jacob fits right into the rustic lifestyle. Twilight’s Jacob Black also loves life on the wild side. Frequently reverting to his wolf form to lope through the woods, Jacob is as at home among the trees as he is under a roof and laps up life outdoors!

Planes, trains & automobiles

Another thing the two Jacobs’ share is their penchant for speedy transport! When Jacob Black isn’t racing through the forest on four legs, he’s shooting around Forks on his motorbike. Jacob Jankowski also hopped aboard a fast moving vehicle when he was picked up by the circus steam train which took him at great speeds across the US on an unexpected adventure.

Friend, not foe

As part of a wolf pack, Jacob Black’s friends mean everything to him. Extremely loyal and fiercely defensive, Jacob would fight to the death to protect his own. When Jacob Jankowski joins the Benzini Brothers, he makes a new family (maybe not the kind he was expecting!) among the circus workers, earning their trust and becoming an integral member of the railroad family.

Source: Mandy Rodgers | ThinkJam

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Kristen Talks w/ GQ Australia About Taylor & Birthdays


“…Lautner is really still a boy. When I spoke recently with his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, it was clear, she sees him this way too. ‘He’s literally like a puppy,’ she says. ‘There is a lot of downtime on set. I’d throw food in his mouth. Taylor is like one of those wind-up toys. You put 20 cents in and he runs around, then he crashes. At lunch, he has a Red Bull and he’s back up. When I hear him talk about girls it’s like, Awww.’ For his 18th birthday, she says, Lautner’s parents threw him a surprise party: at a go-kart track. Then everyone ate sandwiches. Out of curiosity, what did Kristen do for her 18th?I don’t like to make a big deal out of birthdays,’ she says. ‘But it was more risqué than go-karting.’”

Risque`, huh? Was Rob at this risque` partay, Kristen? ;)


Rob, Bill & Taylor to Attend ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ Premiere in Germany, Nov 18

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner to come to the big “Breaking Dawn” premiere in Germany!

In a press release issued a few minutes ago confirmed that the two Twilight stars on 18 November to come to Berlin to promote the first part of BD.

Rob Taylor and running, along with director Bill Condon on the red carpet. Of course fans have the chance to get tickets to see their favorites up close. Kristen Stewart is unfortunately not one of the party.

Concorde makes the film distributor on the German official Facebook page, a countdown – every week will be raffled off two tickets for the premiere!

Breaking Dawn is probably the premiere in Germany at the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz to take place, where even Robert Pattinson enchants for “Water for Elephants” his mostly female followers has. But there is not likely to be the greatest pleasure, because the real action is also WFE has taken place on the red carpet. So you carefully considered whether you want it!