How Do Rob’s, Kristen’s, (and Taylor’s) Movies Do in the Box Office Separately?

Unlike Robert Pattinson’s and Kristen Stewart’s first star vehicles outside of the Twilight franchise, Remember Me and The Runaways, respectively, Abduction was a genre film. Lautner got paid a lot of money to make it ($7.5 million), and, in return, it was supposed to make a lot of money. It wasn’t necessarily supposed to get beat in the box-office standings by a Harry Connick Jr. movie about sea life. 

If anything, Lautner’s weekend makes Pattinson look like the Twilight star to beat.While Remember Me didn’t impress at first, it actually made back half its budget in its opening weekend. In the end, it more than tripled the budget. Water for Elephants, likewise, was a legit hit for a drama, grossing nearly $120 million worldwide off a $38 million budget. 

Stewart, meanwhile, is still showing the least box-office potential of the Twilight trio. The Runaways was a heavilty promoted flop; Welcome to the Rileys grossed even less. Both, however, were small films. The truest test of her drawing power won’t come until next summer’s Snow White and the Huntsman. 

I don’t necessarily like this article, but I thought it was interesting to look at how the three of them do in their movies separately.  It’s looking like Remember Me will beat Abduction in the box office, but either way, I loved all of these movies and I don’t care about the numbers. :) All that matters is that the fans love them, and we do!
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Taylor Talks Kristen w/ LATimes

Taylor talks about that awkward time when he and Kristen had to present the Horror Tribute at the Academy Awards 2010. He goes on to say that it was Kristen who had to settle him down .. interesting .. very interesting *strokes imaginary beard*

Lautner can seem like the most self-assured of the “Twilight” bunch — smiling and waving to fans on the promotional circuit — while co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart can appear more uncomfortable in the limelight.

“Everybody handles it in a different way,” he said of the attention. Plus, he insists, he’s not always the laid-back one. In 2010, when he and Stewart presented an Oscar at that year’s Academy Awards, it was his costar who had to calm a jittery Lautner down.

“For Kristen, when she gets nervous, she gets shy and quiet — and I find it very cute. And then I think I over-exaggerate with smiling and laughing,” he said. “The only thing I can remember about presenting at the Oscars is we were up on the stage, and I could literally feel my pulse, like, through my neck. And Kristen was just like, ‘It’s gonna be OK, just breathe.’


Taylor Talks Wrapping ‘Breaking Dawn’ w/ Rob & Kristen

Taylor talks about the last installment of the Twilight Saga and how it felt filming his last scene in the franchise with Rob and Kristen.

Following the Harry Potter template, the final book, Breaking Dawn, has been split in two and the first chapter is released in November.

Lautner finished his scenes this year and admits that saying goodbye to the character that made him a superstar was difficult.

“We would always get sad when we finished filming a little bit, but in the back of our minds we always knew we would be coming back to film another one,” he says.

“But now knowing there is no more going back to playing Jacob Black is a weird feeling.

“On the positive side, we get to promote them for the next year and a half so we will be spending time together like that. But when it’s all said and done, the biggest thing I have taken from that franchise are my friendships with everybody.”

As luck would have it for Lautner, his final scenes were also among his most challenging, particularly as he farewelled Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, both of whom have become his “super close” friends.
“It was tough,” he says. “And it didn’t help that my last scene with Rob and Kristen was a dancing scene where it is kind of Jacob’s last dance with Bella at her wedding.

“It’s an emotional scene for Jacob because he is basically saying goodbye to Bella and at the back of my mind I was saying goodbye to them and the franchise.

“And then my very last shot of the franchise was a shot where Jacob thinks Bella has died and he runs into the backyard and falls to the ground and just loses it and starts balling.”

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Julia Jones Mentions Rob in Cosmopolitan Interview

What was it like to work with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner?
At this point it’s bizarrely normal. When we go to work everyone is focused on their roles and the scene so you’re not thinking about them as heart-throbs – they feel more like colleagues. I am reminded of the fact that they’re huge movie stars pretty much all of the time besides when we’re at work.

Do you think it’s funny to see Rob and Taylor portrayed as heartthrobs? What’s it like to walk the red carpet alongside those two?
I don’t think it’s funny – I totally get it! At events you can always tell when one of them has arrived because the fans’ screaming hits a pitch I didn’t know was humanly possible before Twilight.

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