Kristen at TIFF for ‘On The Road’ – September 6


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Red Carpet



First Q&A Question 

Second Q&A Question

Better Quality Q&A

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Kristen at TIFF for ‘On The Road’ Pocket Guide

Pictures, Videos, etc


  • Videos
    • Access Hollywood: Red carpet interview. “Its not about being rebellious; its about being yourself.”
    • Access Hollywood: Press junket. Talk how OTR is received better with this generation. “What about your future projects? K: I don’t have any.”
    • Canadian Press: Red carpet interview. Talks about reading On The Road as a child and wanting to surround herself by those kind of people
    • Canada AM: Press junket.
    • CBC: Red carpet interview. Talk about how OTR resonates with this generation, and preparing for nudity
    • Cineplex: Press junket.
    • CityTV: Red carpet interview. “Its so okay to be yourself. I can’t even begin to tell you.”
    • CityTV: Press junket. Kristen and Garrett talk about the NYE dance scene, stunt driving, nudity/sex scenes
    • Entertainment Tonight: Red carpet interview. Kristen talks about the fans in attendance and her devotion to the role. Garrett chimes in saying, “she’s fearless when it comes to this and that can be a rarity.”
    • eTalk: Red carpet & press junket. Talk Beatnik Bootcamp, living in a free (liberated) society, & more! Comments briefly on her broken finger saying, “I’m clumsy”
    • ExtraTV: Kristen and Garret talk about preparing for the threesome scene and later, Kristen comments about the fan support.
    • MSN Canada: Press junket. Kristen and Garrett talk about when they fell in love with OTR, the differences between Kristen and Marylou, &  how she got to understand her character
    • MTV: Red carpet interview. Talks about the fan support and Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer. “I don’t like cats. I’m a dog person. You know what I’m sayin’?” *Adorable moment at end of 2nd clip*
    • MTV: Press Junket. Kristen talks about “diehard” Kerouac fans, and the two different versions of OTR
    • Popsugar: Red carpet interview. Talks about the pressures of taking on the role as Marylou.
    • Scott Feinberg: Press junket. Long, 24 min interview.
    • Screenslam: Red carpet interview. Kristen and Garrett talk about what inspired them about On The Road, Beatnik Bootcamp, and more!
    • Showbizz 411: Kristen mentions how proud she is to be a part of the OTR cast.
    • Kristen and Garrett talk about preparing for On The Road, the chemistry between Sam, Garrett and Kristen, and what drove Kristen want to be an actress
    • Vanity Fair: Press junket. Talks about acquiring the role as Marylou
    • Yahoo!: Kristen and Garret talk about how surreal it was to be apart of OTR
  • Press (Articles)
    • ETCanada: Kristen talks about being proud of OTR, how fun it was to shoot, and being a fan of the book
    • Globe and Mail
    • Instyle: Mentions OTR costume designer.
    • MetroNews: Kristen talks about the treatment of the female characters in OTR, the pressures of taking on a famous character, and answers a couple twitter questions.
    • Movieline
    • Showbizz411: Kristen & Jennifer Lawrence hang out at SoHo House Party
    • Toronto Star: Kristen says that working on OTR opened her up.
    • USAToday
    • Washington Post: Kristen speaks about her appreciation for her fans, what it means for her to play Marylou, and mentions how BDP2 promotions will be.

Kristen & Jennifer Lawrence Hang Out at SoHo House Party

How adorable is it that Kristen and Jennifer Lawrence officially met each other at TIFF and then proceeded to hang out with each other at the SoHo House Party?! I can just picture them sitting in a far corner, talking about films, projects, and fame. I’m sure Jennifer and Kristen can relate to each other now that they are both the [newly] famous heroines of their own franchises–one is just beginning as the other is ending.

These are young, young women (22) with the world at their feet. Stewart told me she didn’t know what her next project was going to be. Lawrence told us she starts shooting the second “Hunger Games” movie on Tuesday.

“Tuesday? This Tuesday?” Stewart screamed. “Have you rehearsed?”

“Yep,” said Lawrence, “we’re all done and ready to go.”

The two young ladies had not met in person before, but on the internet. “The internet brought us together,” said Lawrence. “There was a fake story in one of the tabloids about a feud or something.  We didn’t even know each other so we started talking by email.”

Source: Showbizz411