StrictlyRobsten Quote of the Day

StrictlyRobsten Quote of the Day

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From Robert Pattinson, Entertainment Weekly Magazine, November 2008

”In the beginning I thought to myself, ‘Because she’s so serious, I’ve got to be really serious,”’ he says. ”I didn’t speak for about two months so I would seem really intense. I would only ever talk about the movie.”

Who doesn’t LOVE early adorkable Rob talking about Kristen? I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t… So, that’s why I went deep cut for this little gem. Rob’s vulnerability here is fantastic because he’s showing how serious he actually was about this franchise and (more telling, I think), how serious he was about impressing Kristen. Oh Rob… Mission accomplished…


Source: EW

Twitter Watch-Along: Twilight Saga Marathon

Join us as we countdown to the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2 with a Twilight Saga watch-along on Twitter, hosted by Nessie Mackenzie. We’ll be live-tweeting with you every Sunday from October 14 to November 4 at 6pm (EST) / 3pm  (PT).

To participate simply pop in your Twilight Saga DVD, login to Twitter, and start tweeting about your favorite scene, soundtrack song, bts moment, etc. using the hashtag #WaitingForForever 


Sunday, October 14 at 6pm EST / 3pm PT for Twilight!

Sunday, October 21 at 6pm EST / 3pm PT for New Moon!

Sunday, October 28 at 6pm EST / 3pm PT for Eclipse!

Sunday, November 4 at 6pm EST / 3pm PT for Breaking Dawn Part 1!

The Complete Twilight Saga Screening Information + Fandango ‘BD2′ Contest

@TwilightSaga_UK just released a twimazing poster for the ‘Complete Twilight Saga Screening’.

They also shared some info with us:

You will be able to pre-book your tickets to see ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ and for ‘The Complete Twilight Saga Screening’ starting October 1st.
These will be a ONE DAY ONLY extravaganza, kicking off on the afternoon of Thursday 15th November. You’ll be able to see all four previous films in the Saga back-to-back in the run-up to the midnight screening of ‘Breaking Dawn – Part Two’ with EXCLUSIVE introductions from the cast, premiere coverage, music videos and other footage. And every screening attendee with receive an exclusive Twilight Saga gift with purchase when they arrive at the cinema!

Tickets will also go on sale on October 1st in the US.

Advanced ticket sales for Summit’s “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2″ will go on sale Oct. 1, more than six weeks before the film’s nationwide release on Nov. 16.

Sale date, which begins at midnight EST, has been agreed upon by the two largest online ticketing sites, Fandango and

Tickets for the four-movie “Twilight” marathon on Nov. 15 also will be made available starting midnight Oct. 1.

 Fandango’s win a trip to the ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ premiere in Los Angeles HERE