Win a Twilight Wedding!

Carmona New York has recently partnered with Summit Entertainment in connection with the highly anticipated release of the studio’s THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 1. Carmona’s porcelain dinnerware sets the table in one of the most anticipated scenes of the Saga, Edward and Bella’s wedding reception. 

Tammy Polatsek, designer and founder of Carmona New York, will choose one lucky winner to receive Tammy’s exclusive tableware designs and floral décor inspired by the wedding of The Twilight Saga’s adored pair, Bella and Edward, at a wedding or other event of the winner’s choice. Tammy will use her unique talents to transform the winner’s event venue and to create the quintessential Twilight Saga atmosphere, trimmed with the genuine pieces from the wedding, for the winner and his or her guests. 

Tammy Polatsek custom-crafted the white asymmetrical plates, cups, and saucers especially for the wedding scene in order to bring the same simple elegance to the winner’s event that her pieces add to every occasion. Tammy also used her event planning expertise to create and provide the floral arrangements for the wedding. Her designs create a whimsical atmosphere, enhancing this scene’s Midsummer Night’s Dream-like quality for the audience.

In creating a very special and truly memorable event, Tammy will use genuine design elements and Twilight by Carmona décor which appeared used in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 1. Moreover, in addition to her incredible services, the winner will be entitled keep the tableware provided by Tammy (up to 50 place settings). The prize is valued at $5000.

To enter, visit Twilight by Carmona on Facebook at, and ‘Like’ the page to access and enter the Sweepstakes. The winner will be announced on December 20, 2011 For more information, including the Official Rules, visit

Kristen Talks With EW About Dancing With Rob on Twilight & “Flightless Bird, American Mouth”

Dedicated Twilight fans might recognize the song that plays during the long-awaited wedding between Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) when they see Breaking Dawn this weekend (if they haven’t seen it already; the film made over $30 million in midnight screenings Thursday night). It’s a special ‘wedding version’ of the Iron & Wine song, ‘Flightless Bird, American Mouth’ that played during the prom scene in the first Twilight movie way back when in 2008.

“Before we even started shooting the first Twilight with [director] Catherine Hardwicke, I was rehearsing with Rob and we were sort of dancing around this room, trying to do this scene,” Stewart tells EW. “I put on Iron & Wine’s ‘Flightless Bird, American Mouth’ and I just became instantly emotional. Rob couldn’t handle it — it got weird! But I was like, ‘oooh, this is perfect.’”

Stewart says that they ended up playing the song for her on-set when they filmed the actual scene, and the rest is Twilight history. Listen for parts of the song to play during the long-awaited love scene too: “I think our composer played with it and you hear the melody throughout the film,” says Stewart.

Twilight-Inspired Living Room – Fabulous or Tragic

I happen to catch this episode of “Color Splash” on HGTV where a couple wanted their home to be redecorated inspired by the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn. Can’t help but admit I hate it..haha Definitely not what I would want my home to look like. What do you think? Fabulous or tragic?

When we first heard that HGTV’s David Bromstad had decorated the entire first floor of a home in a “Twilight” theme, we were kind of scared. Intrigued, but terrified.
But the final result of the makeover, done for Bromstad’s show “Color Splash,” is much, much better than the R-Pattz wallpaper and Team Jacob collages we were expecting. It’s chic, playful, and, dare we say, tasteful?

There are still some ridiculous touches — the wall of fake deer heads is the first thing that jumps out, plus that squirrel pillow, you guys — but overall, it’s a classy look for the Twi-hard so obsessed with Stephenie Meyer‘s novels that she let someone make over her home on national TV. And much, much better than the blood-red gothic look we imagined.

Full props go to Bromstad for going with the green apple inspiration and getting whimsical, but not taking things too far. Check out the full episode on Saturday, Nov. 5, ahead of the Nov. 18 premiere of the first half of the final “Twilight” installment, “Breaking Dawn Part 1.”

For the most die-hard “Twilight” fans: Would you let a decorator use “Twilight” as an inspiration for your home? Or is that taking things a little too far?


Press Conference: Kristen and Rob about working together again: “I would die”

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have undeniable chemistry. We all know this, but in Breaking Dawnsome of their best moments are the humorous ones during the honeymoon (think Bella’s “human moments”).

At the press conference for Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 we grabbed Rob and Kristen briefly to see if they would ever want to work together again, maybe in a romantic comedy.

After the four year Bella and Edward rollarcoaster, it might be nice to see them in a different genre together, right? Here was what they had to say about the idea:

“I would die to work with [Rob] again,” Kristen said when we threw out the rom-com idea. “I totally would.”

Trust us, when you see the movie you will know why this idea is in our head. They are hilarious down in Brazil!

Rob is game too:

“I would love to,” Pattinson told Celebuzz when asked if he would be up for a romantic comedy with Kristen. “Definitely I would work with her again [outside of Twilight].”

Don’t get ahead of yourselves though, nothing is in the works as has been reported.

‘The Hunger Games’ New Vanity Fair PhotoShoot Resembles the Twilight One From 2008

Two literary series, two unforgettable heroines, two impossible love triangles…let’s just say it’s not two too surprising that comparisons have been springing up between “The Hunger Games” and “The Twilight Saga.” But if you bring it up around “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence, she doesn’t mince words:

“‘Hunger Games’ is not ‘Twilight,'” she told Vanity Fair. “And while I hear the comparisons, it’s really premature to say that it will be the same phenomenon.” (For the record, we agree…)

And since “The Hunger Games” is most certainly NOT “Twilight,” and since any parallels between the two are totally overblown, we are sure that Vanity Fair would never, ever be so silly as to pose the casts of both movies for identical group shots, wearing identical clothing, in a setting that’s… um…


Let’s just say that this thing certainly looks a lot like that thing.

… And we most certainly agree! I think The Hunger Games will be using Twilight as an example of an effective money-making machine as the series can compare to Twilight (on a fan base level).


Twilight Tuesdays: Take A Look Back at Twilight!

Let’s take a look at our countdown clock…only 17 days left until Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits theaters in the U.S.! We would have Robert saying this for us but remember last time he tried counting down to the premiere of Twilightfor Seventeen magazine?

Yeah….didn’t go so well.. haha
(P.s. Rob – You’re adorable.)
In light of this extravagant premiere coming up, we’ll be making this countdown even more fun by taking a look back at all the Twilight Saga movies have given only on the most appropriate days of the week, Twilight Tuesdays. Don’t miss Twilight Tuesdays:
Twilight - November 1st
New Moon – November 8th
Eclipse – November 15th
All leading up to the Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere on November 18th

Movie stills:

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Favorite Twilight scenes:
Edward and Bella’s First Kiss

(HQ) Ending of Twilight – Prom Scene

Extended/Deleted Scenes:

@1:38 is the HOT deleted make-out scene on Bella’s bed

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Most popular songs from the Twilight soundtrack:
American Mouth, Flightless Bird – Iron & Wine
Supermassive Black Hole – Muse
Decode – Paramore