‘Twilight’ Prom Hotel Going Up For Auction

Prepare for some disappointing news…

Sadly, the View Point Inn – which served as the set location for Twilight’s prom scene and recently suffered losses resulting from a fire – will be put up for auction soon after being lost by its owners.  

KPTV reports that the owners were ordered to abandon the property after bankruptcy court proceedings and that it is now “in the hands of a trustee who will look for potential bidders.”  

No word on the condition of the property, but the local clerk of court information (also via KPTV) shows that the decision to abandon resulted from the property being “burndensome to the estate.”  

Evidently, two potential bidders were present for court proceedings, so interest is already being shown in the property. 


Cinemark’s Twilight Saga Movie Marathon

Cinemark is throwing a Twilight Movie Marathon for those that are interested! Twilight starts at 4pm and continues through all the movies including the midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn; all for one price! Plus, you get unlimited $1.00 refills after purchasing a large fountain or frozen drink. This sounds like a night of endless fun! :)

Open: 11/17/11 MPAA

Rating: PG-13Genre Marathon – Tickets go on sale Saturday, October 1st!

Synopsis: See the Twilight Movie Marathon at Cinemark! See all 4 Twilight Saga Series movies back-to-back for one price. Thursday, November 17th Marathon schedule: Twilight at 4:00pm (142 min); Twilight Saga: New Moon at 6:45pm (150 min); Twilight Saga: Eclipse at 9:20pm (144 min); Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn at 12:01am midnight (late Thursday night). See Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn late Thursday night at midnight before anyone else! ENJOY DISCOUNTED CONCESSIONS*! Purchase a Large Fountain or Frozen Drink and get unlimited $1.00 refills. *Discounted concessions are valid for the Twilight Movie Marathon ticket holders on Thursday, November 17th only. No exchanges or substitutions. No cash value. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime movie event! Twilight Movie Marathon tickets go on sale Saturday, October 1st!

“Twilight” and “Hunger Games” Hooking Up?

“Are Robert Pattinson and Jennifer Lawrence dating? Is Kristen jealous?” Seriously??… Who’s sending in these questions? Yeah, that’s why Robert is in London right now as we speak…with Kristen! *high five in the face* Thank goodness E! Online has it right by distinguishing these crazy flaming rumors immediately.

Thanks to @tayfrizz for sharing! :)

Charisma Carpenter Mentions Rob & Kristen in TVLine Interview

Charisma Carpenter talks about the vampire craze and the undeniable chemistry Rob and Kristen have as a catalyst to this “craze.”

TVLine: Lastly, do you kind of have to laugh at the vampire craze that is so hot these days, when you and the Scoobies were doing it like 15 years ago?

I’m not surprised. I deduce the popularity to be all about the chemistry between the people. On Twilight, the chemistry between Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart … I mean, clearly they’re together [in real life], and it’s palpable in the way they look at each other. That’s what drew everybody in and made Twilight so incredibly popular. It is about that universal feeling of love and connection, understanding and protection, and sex, and that’s so visceral in Twilight.