Admin Post: Melissa Leaves for France

Hey all!

For some of you, you will notice that I (Melissa) will not be posting much over the next few weeks. I will be heading off to Paris, France to study for six weeks. Fortunately, I am leaving just in time to catch the Cosmopolis premiere in Paris on Wednesday, May 30th. Therefore, I will be live-tweeting from the red carpet, so keep a lookout for my tweets on Wednesday! :) Additionally, I will be seeing On The Road. For both movies, I will be writing my take on the movie (with spoilers for those of you that LOVE ‘em).

It is so hard for me to give up the website during my leave of absence, but I promise you that if I have any free time, I will post a thing or two. Brittney (@brittb128) will be taking the reins while I am gone, so if there is something urgent that you need to get addressed, she is your go-to person. She will be taking over the administrative tasks as well as posting the latest news. Maryann (aka Superwoman) will also be here to keep you updated on Robsten. Nothing will change for Strictly Robsten. It will be running like normal, just without my awesomeness (okay that sounded way too conceited; I’ll stop now ;) ) If you are interested in contacting me during my trip, I will be using my twitter account as my main means of communication @melmo2632.

I don’t want you to think that I am leaving forever, because I could NEVER do that! I promise you, I will be here, just more in the background :) I return to the States on July 7th, so things should go back to normal (for me) at that time. For those of you that live in Paris, please feel free to contact me! I would LOVE to meet you and share Robsten stories together!

Au revoir!

Melissa <3
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Cosmopolis AfterParty Pics + Tweets


@RobertDazzlesMe Kristen’s hand gripping Rob’s arm

@marybet At the after party of Cosmopolis, and there’s WI-FI! :DDD

@marybet I talked to Rob, and I told him that he was a great guy an he kissed me too. I’m dying.

@marybet I HAVE JUST KISSED ROB AND KRISTEN on their fucking cheeks. And they were holding hands. OMG

@ItIsAllAboutRK They were at the Carlton Cinema Club at the beach. Lots of paps so there should be pics. K had on her red Balenciaga jacket.

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StyleStew Saturday

Did Kristen not look kick ass on Tonight with Jay Leno this month?!  Appearing on the show to promote 'Snow White and the Huntsman', Kristen opted for a Rebecca Minkoff three-quarter sleeve blazer with a Dolce & Gabbana James Dean graphic tee underneath, and ditched the jeans for leather J Brand. Let's just say she rocks blazers on that show like it's her business! *three snaps*

Not only is this easy to re-style for yourself, it's an outfit that you can wear year-round! A lightweight red/orange blazer over any old-hollywood celebrity graphic tee (can be found in thrift stores, retail stores, or department stores – very common t-shirt style) paired with thin pleather or vinyl pants or leggings (such as these) say, 'I'm badass without trying too hard because I always dress like this'. Also note that this outfit doesn't require heels and actually looks better without them – yay! Points for comfort!

Keep the makeup you wear light and don't go too heavy on the black eyeliner unless you're really going for that out-on-the-town approach. Kristen manages to look fresh-faced by letting her outfit be the statement instead of raccoon eyes.  Stick with neutrals such as browns, peaches, and golds. Gloss on that shiny lip color to mix the bold with the beautiful!